Tuesday, 7 October 2014

All About Lips #20

My goodness, time certainly has flown by.
To mark the entry of Autumn, well we sort of are a good few weeks in, in all honesty.

Here's the OCC colour which is essentially the darkest colour I own.


Here are my lips with no make up/lip balm/products

Here it is with one layer of the OCC lip tar (light layer)

Here are my lips with two layers of the OCC lip tar
My lips were a little dry when I was starting this project, which really is a no-no both for dark colours and for matte long lasting colours.

Black Dahlia is not a complete matte but it brushes on with a slight sheen but dries down matte-ish.
I do really like it but beware that your lips should not be cracky or dry.
Certainly no lip product like lip balm or it will not apply smoothly.

Tip : put lip balm, do the rest of your face and maybe hair, remove lip balm and do your lips. RESULT!

I may do a swatch and comparison of all my berry colours, what do you all think?
Yay or Nay?
And drop me a line about your favourite dark lip!

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