Sunday, 5 October 2014

Boots Haul

Need I really say more?

I have really been exceedingly good, shocking (surprising even myself).....
Basically I have not bought any make up for a month and skin care for a pretty long time and most of these are things I am needing rather than wanting.

First off, let's do the trio.

Boots Cleansing Wipes
 I bought two of the fragrance free, and one moisturising (NEW!) to try out.
I like to use wipes when I use micellar waters so that they do not tear and I only need one piece rather than a few cotton pads.
Sometimes I use cleansing creams/oils and go in with a wipe before my second cleanse!

Boots Anti-Viral Hand Foam
 I read a post on Nic's blog about a hand sanitiser foam and have been meaning to pick one up but saw this and ended up getting the Boots one since it was 99p if you buy any cough medicines.
I probably should state now that I actually did a combined shop with my mum but she has packed her section of items so I am only showing you my haul.

Blink Contact Soothing Eye Drops
 I have been purchasing these for a while because frankly they last me for almost an entire year.
Sure they cost more than the single bottle but because of the packaging, they usually last me for months and months.
I still have about 2 from my old box and I bought those about 2 years ago.

Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Blemish Stick
 I thought I would try this out and it did not cost too much since it was a Boots own brand.
You do get a decent amount of product in the tube and it smells really strongly of tea tree, which I thankfully hate less now and may actually be growing to like it (SAY WHAT)

Ojon Cleansing Conditioner
 I am excited to try this, partly because it is cheaper than the Grow Gorgeous one at £18.50.
I did have a sniff and realise that this sort of smells a bit like the Blue oil they do which I am not a massive fan of, but if this is amazing on the hair, I think I can live with the scent, so let's see.
So far I am really liking the Macadamia range Cleansing Conditioner!

Boots Conditioning Nail Polish Remover
 Boots do a few of their own nail polish and while I tend not to buy the essential one, I do buy their own brand because I find it just as effective.
There is a non-acetone one but I tend to grab this because it smells quite nice what with the apricot oil in it. It does not break the bank =)

Nivea Creme Soft Shower Cream
 I like the smell of this and I had a voucher for 10% off so basically I did not really need it but I like Nivea items.

Bionsen Deodorant
Readers of my blog will understand this...
I am so glad that I have gotten round to repurchase this.
I like how fresh it smells and personally this is my favourite form, the rollerball.
It dries quick enough for me, does not dispense too much product and has (to date) not ever stained my clothes.

This is my very good, no make up boots shopping haul.
I am going to reward myself with a good cup of tea for being excellent!

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