Sunday, 12 October 2014

A little treat

I may have gone into Superdrug and spent money I should not have... but in my defense it really did not add up to too much.

First off, I bought the Superdrug Coconut Oil
This set me back £2.29 for a decent bit of coconut oil.

I then bought Superdrug's own shower cap to wear when I do a coconut oil hair treatment.

This was £1.99 and is just a regular polyester one but I like the colour.

I spotted the Maybelline colour elixirs again and at buy 1 get 2nd 50% off, I could no longer stop myself, especially when it was not just a 3 for 2, it was a good deal AND I get 10% extra off with a student card at Superdrug.
I got the colours 705 Blush Essence and 400 Alluring Coral.
Keep an eye out because I will definitely be doing a AllAboutLips post on these.

I also picked up a Palmers lip butter because it was on a promotion so it was only £1.99 and I just miss it.
I used to have a Chocolate and Cherry one but I picked up the mint one this time.
(honestly, the smell of these are just...... OMG)

The last thing I got was on the way at the cashiers and I grabbed some Malteaser Reindeer
It was 69p for 1 and 2 for £1 so I just grabbed two and the reason you are only seeing one in the picture is because the other was eaten on the spot (after paying)

This was my moment of madness in Superdrug but I paid just under £16 because of the promotions and thanks to student discount.
Now I am off to do a hair treatment.
Have you bought anything recently?

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