Friday, 24 October 2014

COLAB Dry Shampoo

I caved.

After 3 separate occasions of sniffing the different dry shampoos (yes I know),
I have finally picked one up, and I chose the Tokyo Oriental Fragrance.

The first thing I got home was to spray it and there was a lot of white powder.

I then SHOOK IT WELL and resprayed and it looks really promising!
Indeed it looks so promising that I ordered two more cans online (there is 1/3 off online)

All the scents are very different, but the dry shampoo itself looks promising.
No crunchy hair, no white powder (if you shake well as directed) and a really good burst (well fine mist but powerful!) of product.
I really like this but will finish it up and decide where it stands amongst all the dry shampoos I have used so far!

What is your experience with COLAB?

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