Sunday, 19 October 2014

Beauty Blender

So it has taken me a really long time to get on the sponge bandwagon, and even then I started with the Shu Uemura pentagon sponges.

It transformed make up application for me and I was pretty much in love with the more natural finish.

Then I bought a beauty blender with Bob and we were supposed to try it out together but circumstances changed and basically it got pretty impossible to wait and after 2 months of receiving my Sephora parcel, I finally tried the beauty blender out and Boy oh boy, I understand the hype.

First off, when you get the Beauty Blender (I have the pro one, not because I am a Pro but I preferred Black to Pink), it is a small tiny sponge.
In the second picture, I have put them side to side for comparison, I have soaked it in water for a while and squeezed out all excess and you can see that my Beauty Blender has grown in size!

It is difficult to capture this in photos but if there is anything I recommend, it is the beauty blender but beware you have to take care of it.

You must wash it and dry it daily or risk germs and mould growing (don't.... just don't!)

Somehow the beauty blender, when you use it properly really give off a fresh, natural look to make up. I use it with my Laura Mercier and Shu Uemura foundation and I just love the finish.
I start off with a blob of each, because I am in between colours, neither fair enough for Shu Uemura, nor tanned enough for my Laura Mercier.

I then give it a mix and then dot it all over my face, just like this.

Next up, I take the sponge, ready for the "push&pull" "bounce" type motion and do use the big round bottom bit, as it works best for the chin, forehead and cheeks!

Here is half my face done, you literally cannot see the lines and it just looks fresh and natural!

I use the sharper side for under my eye, to blend out that concealer (I used Maybelline Age Rewind in Nude for this)

Here is the end result of all that Beauty Blender work!

The other thing I like to use my Beauty Blender with is blusher and highlighter.
Here I have the Benefit Sun Beam (I LOVE THIS SO MUCH) and I buff it in for a more natural finish.

Do you own a Beauty Blender?
If you do not......... GET ON IT.

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  1. Iv recently got into using a beauty blender too. And like you I love it! It really makes the skin look seamless. And I love using it with cream blush too :)