Tuesday, 30 September 2014

All about Lips #19

Today's lipstick is a sale item from SpaceNK and is a total love.

Any idea what it is?

Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Plumberry

I had a rediscovery of this while unpacking (although I never really used it) and was so excited about it.

I really like this because the smooth texture calms down chapped lips (not too peeled obviously since it is still a dark and bold colour)

Here is the colour swatched lightly and heavily on the back of my hand

Here is the usual "sans lip product" lip photo

Here I am, with a light layer applied and rubbed in for a tinge of colour

Here I am, with a thick layer of lipstick applied

Maybe dark is not the proper way to describe it, it certainly can be a subtle or bold choice but this is definitely a comfortable choice to wear.
It imparts a slight sheen (as opposed to full on matte/glossy) and has gorgeous packaging.

I did get this for half the usual price (or more) at only £10.00 and love it all the more for being a sale item.

Do you have any laura mercier lipsticks and what would you recommend?

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