Sunday, 10 August 2014

Dry Shampoos

Dry Shampoos

I have a love-hate relationship with dry shampoos

Unlike most people, I do not use this at my scalp/roots, because of my sensitive and dry scalp.
I tend to use it on my hair, for a gritty effect, and a slight lift and slight hold.

Out of the few I have used, these are the two I currently own 
(the Dove is finishing, and I saw the Aussie one so I picked one up since it is a new product)

There are 3 aussie ones, this is for fine, limp hair, one is for normal hair and one is for coloured hair.
Although I have dry, coarse hair, I picked this up because this is for volume.
I tried to have a sniff of all of them but could not really smell anything.
So far, this is alright, but the scent is pretty perfumey and strong. I am not sure I love it.

The Dove one has a lovely scent in my opinion. I know of people who find it too strong or too dry and powdery.
I have no problems with this one and really love it.
I will come back to it if I find no other.

I have tried the Batiste range and hate it, especially the one for Black and Dark Brown hair. It just makes me look like a grandmother with weird root colour and the scent is not great either.
The whole range just does not work for me.

 I have the Toni&Guy dry shampoo and this is great. It smells typically of Tony&Guy, not floral but sort of clean and it does the job without overwhelming my scalp.
I really like this and will repurchase when I am done.

I tried the Klorane dry shampoo at Bob's and because it was a one-off I could not really tell but so far, I love the scent and it is not too overwhelming. I will probably pick one up in my next Escentual haul!

I had a whiff of the Garnier Papaya milk Dry Shampoo through the conditioner (the whole range smells the same, right?) and pretty much ran away. It is really sickly sweet and just put me right off.
Garnier does another dry shampoo for oily hair but I think that may be too much for my poor hair and scalp so I will not be trying it.

Have you tried any of these or do you have any recommendations of dry shampoo?

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