Tuesday, 19 August 2014

All About Lips #13

Today's post is about the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain.
These come in 10 colours, 4 mattes and 6 shimmering/satins.

I have 3 out of 4 of the matte colours, because I love a good matte lip, and I tried out and loved the formula way before Amelia would not stop raving about it and consequently blowing its sales out of proportions (pretty sure of this)

Here is my lips without any products

01 - Always Red
(Matte Bold Classic Red)

 I found this to be warmer than I expected, but a beautiful matte red.

 03 - Strawberry Kiss
(Matte Bright Pinky Red)
 This was the first sephora matte lip stain which I bought, July 2013. I thought it was a bright pink but Bob thought it looked pretty red in certain lighting. It is a lot pinker than 01.

04 - Endless Purple
(Matte Mauve Plum)
This was not as dark as I expected, and very very purple. I have not decided if I am keeping it or giving it to Bob (she loves orange and purple lips)

I do highly recommend these if you love a good matte lip colour.
The formula glides on then dries down matte. It is budge proof, even after eating and drinking, although it leaves colour all over my Bobble. 
The only lip product longer wearing than this is the OCC lip tars, but this is cheaper, easier to use (that comes in a squeezy tube and brush) and easier to bring about in the handbag.
I only ever touch up once on a whole day out, and that is usually to make the colour more intense.

The only matte shade I missed out was 02 - Classic Beige, a matte pinkish deep beige. It looks to be a nude matte lip but I have learnt the hard way that nude lipsticks are hard to find, nude lips need to be glossy (on me) and nude lips need to be tried on because everyone's nude is not my nude.

Did any of them catch your fancy?

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