Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Ballet - a proper update with pictures

I am re-uploading this because the last upload had no pictures!

It has really been a while since I last danced for more than 10 minutes and I tend not to put on my pointe shoes if I have not warmed up properly.
It did not help that I had a foot injury but all is well now and so I have some pictures!

I uploaded this one on Instagram because I was so happy to be back on pointe

I find that different pointe shoes brand are really very different. I have tried bloch and freeds so far and find that bloch tends to be more v shaped and freeds can be really square in shape.

I personally prefer the square shape but the v shape seems to feel more supported. I am still experimenting and finding out what works for me,

Everything from foot shape to bone structure and toe length, arch height and other random things, all matter in pointe shoe shopping do try out a few pairs and don't be afraid to try new ones until you find the correct pair!

Always warm up in ballet slippers. I love living in mine!

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