Monday, 21 July 2014


Did you manage to get a hold of the Space NK sale?

Bob and I did a joint purchase to get free delivery, which is now £60.
Usually with Space NK I would just get it delivered to the store and to collect it because I do hate paying for postage but it was not a choice and thankfully between the two of us, we made it to £60!

Bob picked up 4 candles and I picked up 3 other items and here is my share of the haul!

By Terry Retractable Lip Brush
Here it is in its full glory, it is rather compact and very hygienic!

Laura Mercier Carviar Stick in Twilight

Laura Mercier lipstick in Plumberry
Here are two swatches, the top was one swipe and the bottom was a build up

I manage to get Bob to send me a picture of her pretty candles
From left to right:
Brighton smells really manly
Brideshead smells gorgeous and floral
Cotsworld smells like Fudge 

I really wanted to get Brighton and Brideshead but I do not really burn my candles.......

Anyway, did you take advantage of the Space NK sale?


  1. Hiya! That by Terry lip brush looks gorgeous!!!! I order the Laura Mercier double wardrobe pallete and a shower gel from the sale. Its not arrived yet, I cant wait! :)

    1. I am ashamed to say I have not use the lip brush. Oooooh I wish you have a blog so that you can show it to me!!

  2. Very happy with the haul considering those candles costs a bomb but i paid £8.50 each for a big candle. Burns well and smells great but it's nothing compared to the Dipytique Candles which permeates a scent in the room even when not lit.