Sunday, 20 July 2014

My Skin, but better!

Oh hai, I'm Bob.

If you're a daily reader of Christabel's blog, you've probably seen/read of me in her most recent posts here and there. She's been trying to get me to start my own beauty blog but I have terrible commitment issues and am very shy to do so. 

However, spur of the moment kind of thing, Christabel has kindly invited me to guest blog here to test the water and hopefully to give her readers a diversity of products as I have the complete opposite skin type to Christabel. Thus, bringing me into my introduction and first beauty post.

My skin type:

  • Autumn/Winter - Dry & Dehydrated
  • Spring/Summer - Normal & Dehydrated 

As my skin is dehydrated all year round, one of my main concerns is that my face can look quite dull. My go to product to brighten and even out my skin is the Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. I also have a thing for tinted moisturisers - especially ones you can build up the coverage. 

Nars Pure tinted moisturizer
A little goes a long way

A pea size amount of product is enough for a sheer coverage all over the face and it will even out my skin tone and make it  look radiant, even and perfect - like I've just stepped out of the shower. It does not clog up the skin at all and feels super comfortable when you layer the product for more coverage. It still feels like you are wearing nothing on your face! 

When I don't have a tan (winter skin tone), I am St Moritz (Medium 1), as shown below:

Paris, France | February 2014
FOTD: Nars St. Moritz, one layer blended with fingers

At the moment, I use an even amount of St Moritz and Cuba mixed together to achieve my ideal shade. And when I progress into my tanned skin, I can blend Cuba (Medium 3) all over my skin quite comfortably. I don't normally powder my skin when I use this product as I like the dewy finish and powder tends to dry my skin out. 
NARS Cuba: This is all you need.

Tanned skin with no products
 NARS Cuba applied w/ fingers

The product is oil-free & non-comedogenic yet enough hydration making it ideal for any skin-type through out the year. It is a tinted moisturiser that delivers moisture unlike other tinted moisturiser, in my opinion. It does not leave a tacky feeling after application like Laura Mercier's Tinted Moisturiser. 

Packaging is sleek, lightweight and very travel friendly. 
SPF 30 PA+++ 
Might look very pigmented but blends out like a dream! - Don't be intimidated.

If you are prone to shininess, I would definitely powder the skin as the optical brighteners in the product may accentuate that. 

Overall, a great product to invest if you're looking for a flexible tinted moisturiser!

Are you a tinted moisturiser junkie? Hit me up with your favourites down below.


  1. Hiya Bob! Its Shazia we met at the caudalie event! What a fab first blog post! I agree with Christabel you need to start your own blog. I'm toying with idea myself atm.

    I love the Nars TM too, I use it on my combo oily skin and it works brilliantly at evening out my skin tone and I build it up on areas where I need more coverage plus I find it gives me a dewy not oily glow. If I'm particularly oily I will powder my t zone to set it. I actually like this more than the Nars foundation.

    Looking forward to your next guest post. :)

    1. Totally gate crashing. I love Bob's writing style and blog style. It is a very different ... style, kind of more professional and thorough.

      I think you should start a blog. It is a good way to keep track of what you have and your thoughts on it and all =) You do not have to tell people the URL until you are ready, although I would obviously very much like to read it at some point!

    2. Thanks Shazia! As you can see I'm absolutely terrible at this blogging thing. Taking me a lifetime to reply to this post. I agree with you that this is the best out of all the Nars Foundation. Absolute staple on the vanity table!

      When you do start your own blog, make sure you let us know. We should definitely all meet up soon!