Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Liberty Haul #3

So Bob and I went to a makeover by Hourglass and inevitably ended up with things to purchase.
We did a combine purchase to use the £20 off when £100 spent, so here is my part of the things

Everything I have bought, okay I bought two items... LOL
One was from Hourglass and one was from Aesop.

I'll talk about the Aesop first, this is a recommendation from Bob for my terrible dry, itchy scalp.
It was £23 and so far I am liking it.
A little goes a long way with this and I really like how it smells.

The other item was from Hourglass.
Basically Bob and I went for a makeover and we got a goodybag each from buying an item.
This is the reason there are so many things in the post, when I actually only bought 2 items!
The second item, is this beautiful Ambient Lighting Powder

I ended up with the Ambient Lighting powder in Mood light, 
which Bianca, the beautiful lady doing our makeovers, put on my cheeks as a blusher and it as pretty much love at first glow.

This powder has a slight purple/lavender tone to it, which at first glance, can be a little scary
 but on the cheeks it just looks beautiful and subtle.
Here it is, swatched on my hand

 The two things in the goody bag was 1. the Immaculate Nude Foundation

I have a feeling this might be too dark for me but we shall see. 
It is a matte foundation and is targeted at oily skin

The next item is actually one which I went to ask a sample for!
The Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer

I have tried my small sample once, and I must say I liked it but have not used it enough to know if this is my Holy Grail primer.
I will admit that I am terrified that it will be because of the hefty price tag!

Some things which I really liked when I tried it at the Hourglass counter was the Brow pencil, as well as the ambient lighting powder in Dim Light.
The brush No 2 is also just crazy or it might be Bianca's amazing skills. Who knows.

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