Tuesday, 15 July 2014

All about Lips #9

Yet another Lippy Tuesday.
Today it will be about all 4 colours of the Revlon Lip Butters that I own!

These received a lot of hype when they first came out and many beauty bloggers went mad about them.
Some didn't like them, just like any other product, you have the major fans and those who do not see the fuss.

I happen to fall into the first category.
These are my to-go lipsticks when I am not feeling as bold or when I just want a wash of colour without shine.

As per usual, we start with me with no lip product at all

And in the order which I have arranged the lip butters, we will start with swatching 015 Tutti Frutti, which is a beautiful sheer orange
I have also done double swatches for all lip colours, the first being a one layer of lip product and the second is a more built up swatch.

035 Candy Apple is a sheer red with slight orange undertones but not crazily coral-orange

001 Pink Truffle is a MLBB (my lips but better)

I typically use this when I need a slight bit of colour but mainly want moisturising or when I do not know which of my lip product to grab, I grab this.

085 Sugar Plum is a slightly darker version of pink truffle.

 I really did not expect to love this as much as I do, but it is beautiful as a fall shade.
I also wear it in Spring and Summer occasionally because I just like to break all the rules.

I do not have a favourite as I love them all for different reasons and different occasions.
If you have not tried them out, I highly recommend that you do, because they have a wash of colour without being too scary if you do not want a bright bold lip, a perfect introduction to lipsticks.

I did have another one which I gave away Peach Parfait, because it had shimmer bits in it and I do not like glitter or shimmer in my lipsticks. All these do not have any bits, just a sheen of juicy moisturisation!

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