Thursday, 17 July 2014

Kiehl's Waterloo Station

I posted on my instagram account - CherriesSballet about 20% off at Kiehl's and of course I went to shop a little.
I helped Bob buy a few things and I picked up the Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution for myself.
I was going to buy the Caudalie version but this was slightly cheaper and I have been reading that it works!

*All prices mentioned are before 20%

The 30ml bottle costs £36 and the 50ml bottle costs £49 so following upon the lady's advice (I really need to start asking for names!) I bought the bigger bottle as it is more economical.
Funnily, only the 30ml is available online but in store, you can get the bigger bottle!

Going around sniffing things meant that I picked up the Kiehl's Patchouli and Rose Eau De Toilette.
I got the 30m for £24.59 because I know I do not need anymore fragrances but was just so drawn to it.
I also really liked the Vetiver and Black Tea and am contemplating buying it for a man friend.

As I was paying, the lady was super nice and gave me so many samples for Bob's purchases and mine.
Here are some of it
As you can probably see, they are all from the same range, so I plan to take a whole week to use them all and see how I like it

and I almost forgot about this because it is so big...
This cleanser is not supposed to be out until end of July but the lady gave it to me to try since I have combination skin. SCORE

And lastly, here is a picture of my perfume again as I love it to bits and have already been using it lavishly!

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