Wednesday, 2 July 2014

June Favourites

I completely forgot to do a post for June favourites at the end of June!
So here is the belated post, sorry lovelies!

First favourite of the month would be my cleansers!
I have fallen back in love with my Emma Hardie Amazing face cleanser which I now use in the mornings, and my Ren Clear Calm Clay Cleanser which I now use in the evenings!

I basically swapped them around because the Emma Hardie smells so good it cheers me up in the morning!

Another favourite of the month would be acid toners!
I am currently using the Peter Thomas Roth one and it has done so much for my skin, I kid you not!
If you have dull skin or just need a pick me up, incorporating an acid toner will do wonders for your skin.
If you have more sensitive skin type, I would proceed with caution.

What would a monthly favourite be without my all-time favourite Caudalie Organic Grape Water.
This, is magic in a can.
That is all.
I will stop raving on about it, instead you can read more about my thoughts on it HERE.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm

I grab this over everything else I own and let's face it, I own a ton of lip product.
Lip balms and lip butters but this is the one I gravitate towards in the mornings and in the evenings.

Favourite brush goes to the MAC 217.

I can see why everyone raves about it.
I now blend everything out because it is just so soft and so much fun.

All time favourite brush goes to the Ecotools Blusher Brush.
Not only is this completely affordable at
Mine came in a pouch with 5 other brushes which now retail for £15.99
I love how soft it is and in general, Ecotools Brushes are a must-have for me.
I prefer their stippling brush and eye brushes to Real Techniques!

I also had a rediscovery of my YSL glossy stains and was smittened so this is making itself into monthly favourites!
I have 105 which is my first glossy stain and 7, a coral shade.
The first is slightly pinkier and the latter is more coral but both are everyday wearable shades and I am in love with them.

I have bought quite a lot of new things and am trying them out and frankly I like a lot of them, I have a feeling some of them (or most) will make it to my July Favourites!

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