Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick Lip Swatches

I might have gone a little mad and attempted to swatch all the colours in the range after falling in love with the Velvet 04

The only colour I missed out was Velvet 01 as it really did not stand out to me.

Here, in order from 02 to 06 (missing 04 which you can check out HERE)

02- the most natural of the 4

03 - a bright red which was my friend Dharlynnie's favourite on me

05 - a bright pink which reminds me of my Sephora Lip Cream in 02

06 - a surprisingly wearable purple undertone pink

I already own the 04 but was really tempted to get all 4 of these shades. I particularly gravitated towards 06 and 02 because 03 and 05 are more typical colours that I already have in my collection!

I love the Bourjois Velvet as they are not drying on the lips and have good staying power.
If you are taking them off, make sure you use a proper make up remover as scrubbing them off with tissue will leave your poor lips sore and painful.

All photos taken in Boots with my iPhone 5 so please excuse the poor quality or me looking a little funny, I was trying to do it without attracting too many stares!

Also, do take note that a same colour may look different on different skintones. I am currently a NC25-30 and my friend here Putu is more golden tanned than I am and we are both wearing the Velvet 02

The first picture was in natural light and this picture is in Starbucks. Just bear that in mind while reading blog posts. I find it helpful to read and see swatches on people who have very similar skintone to mine because sometimes what one person likes (think Estee who is super fair) looks HORRENDOUS on me.

Have you tried these lovely lippies?

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