Tuesday, 1 July 2014

All about Lips #7

I'm featuring a mix of the two lip products I featured in All about Lips #5 and All about Lips #6
which is essentially the Clarins Instant Light Perfector and the  Loreal Glam Shine Stain Splash.

I put the Loreal all over my lips and decided it was slightly too orange for the look I was going for and layered up the Clarins all over and Voila!
 Here is a close up of the look
 It actually made my lips look super full and gigantic, something I know some people strive towards
 After I did my make up, I then decided I was hungry and needed lunch, not exactly the wisest sequence but I made lunch and ate all of it and then checked my lips to see how the products had worn.

This is actually taken after a rather greasy lunch  and you can see that the lip products are still on!
 Here is a close up!

Yes, some of the product has been eaten/rubbed off but most of it did remain intact which I was rather impressed about!
The colour had definitely stuck around!


  1. That lip combo looks amazing you :)

    1. Aww thank you! The Clarins Lip perfector is really worth getting! Gorgeous on its own and looks great layered