Monday, 30 June 2014


Following all the things Bob and I did on our one day out that has inspired so many blog posts, read about our trip to Liberty trip and our Chanel makeovers HERE
or about the new releases from Clinique which I am in love with HERE
or our collective Boots haul HERE

It was also my first time into Selfridges in 2-3 years.
Basically I avoid Selfridges.
How is this physically possible for someone who 1. lives in London 2. is a beauty addict?
I hate that Selfridges offers no loyalty scheme. It is as simple as that.

However, I did enjoy popping in with Bob as we experimented and played with quite a few things.

First thing I tried was the Tom Ford Eyebrow Pencil in
This was lovely and glided on really nicely.
It has a thicker nib that was flat and angular, which made eyebrow drawing quite easy.
It does cost a lot though, so I do not think I will be purchasing this.

We then wandered over to look at Ole Henriksen items but the cleansing jelly was not released yet.

Next was a stop at the Suqqu counter.
We asked to try out the Suqqu eyebrow liquid pen in Moss Green after seeing Lisa Eldridge use it a few times in her video and this really is a thing of beauty.
I want to purchase this when I have finish at least one or two of my eyebrow pencils.
The lady did go slightly mental on both our eyebrows, defining it way too much for either of our liking - hence the going crazy description!

I then went to try out Gorgio Armani velvet lip cream in 400 and this is another gorgeous product.

The colour was stunning, a deep red and it went on creamy but dried matte.
I did not like the other colours because the packaging had a red lid but the red itself was so beautiful.
I do want this but cannot really justify it.

After that we wandered back to Illamasqua, which was the original reason we went into Selfridges anyway and I got matched up to a 8.5 in the skin base foundation.
I did not love the colour but I really liked the matte primer used underneath and am considering purchasing that.
Here is a picture of me looking rather tired but sporting the skin base foundation
The foundation itself was still a little pink on my skin, which is odd as they are all yellow-based.
Bob took this funny picture to show me how the foundation did not match up perfectly to my neck which was my big issue with it.

We also managed to smell quite a few Creed perfumes and boy do they smell good.
Their price tags are also frightful.

Some of the people working at Selfridges were really nice and some were pretty snobbish, which begs the question - WHY!?

The Charlotte Tilbury counter looked amazing and I had to stand a little further away to stop myself from swatching and falling in love with the products!

I do apologise for the lack of pictures in this post, I got a little excited and carried away and forgot to take pictures for the post!
Are you a fan of Selfridges?

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