Sunday, 29 June 2014

Superdrug Haul #3

I NEEDED to go to Superdrug I promise!

Basically I needed to pick up a bottle of hibiscrub.

For those of you who, like me, have no idea what this is, let me do a quick background on it!
It is a antimicrobial skin cleanser, typically used pre-surgery.
I was recommended this by Bob for my bacne.
It may be TMI for you (I'm sorry!) but it may be helpful information?

I have been wanting to pick up some of these nail polishes since I saw them on Nic's blog
I was pretty proud of myself that I only picked up 1 matte and 1 gelly shine! The middle limited edition was actually a gift because I spent over £6 on Barry M.

The nail polishes were £3.99 each (but let's not forget my 10% at superdrug oh yeah!)

Here is a pretty bad quality (sorry!) and attempt at showing you the matte nail polish.
I really really really really really really like it!

I also picked up the TreSemme Heat Defence Spray
I tried this when I was in Sweden with Anna and never realised how nice it smells and the spray truly is a fine mist - always a win!

That is all for this trip at Superdrug!
Are you a Barry M nail polish fan or a Rimmel nail polish fan?

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