Saturday, 28 June 2014

Empties #3

A day after I posted my last "Empties" post, I started collecting for my this post.
Empties are actually one of my favourite posts to write as I update it for about a month before posting it up.
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Aveda Scalp Benefits Shampoo
I have finished up this shampoo, which is quite a feat considering I actually had the 1L bottle but kept filling it over to the small bottle.
I love this shampoo and I am actually really upset to have finished it.
I will repurchase when I have use up more of my shampoos as I have quite a collection at the moment.

Concoction Cashmere Lily Conditioner
I enjoyed using this but did not like the fact that it has Dimethicone as the third ingredient.
I think silicones are making me breakout on my back but that is merely a theory.
I have another bottle of this because I like to buy my things in bulk. Don't ask me why.
Oh and it smells super lush.
The packaging is not my favourite as it is actually quite hard to squeeze the product out but the actual product really smells too nice for me to say never again.

Aveda Invati Shampoo
 This is my other favourite shampoo from Aveda. The only thing keeping it from being top favourite is the price point. The Scalp benefits is cheaper and equally good for my scalp. I prefer the smell of this but not only does it cost more, it is slightly smaller in volume.
The Invati range really works on my hair!
I will be purchasing this in the big bottle when I come back from my trip home in September!

Dove Dry Shampoo
I really like the smell of this although a lot of people find it overpowering.
I have even read that it leaves hair too dry. My scalp does not like dry shampoo but I like to spray it on my hair as opposed to my actual scalp. This then helps me get the textured look.
I have a relatively dry scalp which is overactive so dry shampoo just messes it up even more!
Hence the funny way in which I use it.
I may repurchase this but not at the moment as I am trying to clear things out.

Argania Hair Oil
I love this so much, I initially bought a travel size which is tiny and then got this at TK Maxx and then bought another travel size.
I still have the two travel sizes in my travel bag and gym bag, but this big bad bottle is completely gone.
It smells a bit like vanilla and is just amazing on the hair.
I really love this and will consider repurchasing it if I see it at any TK Maxx or for a cheaper price I now know I can get it at.


Nivea Pure Invisible Roll On Deodorant

I finished this up while travelling and have disposed of it to make more space for other items. I love the smell of this and I generally like Nivea deodorant but I will not be repurchasing as I am trying to move away from anti-perspirant completely.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter
I finished this up completely but still have many to go.
I love the finish of this but I may not be repurchasing this as I prefer the Aloe one, which is now a staple in my collection!


The Body Shop Seaweed Exfoliator
I finished this up and while it works and I do like the smell of the seaweed range,
I will not be repurchasing as I have quite a few other exfoliators to go through.
It was nothing impressive but works as you can feel the granules (which are not too big or fine)

Clarins Gentle Exfoliating Toner
I had a sample size of this and enjoyed using it.
Within two days of using this (I use it every night on my face, chest and back) the skin on my chest significantly improved and even on my back, I had less breakouts.
I will not be repurchasing as I have bought 2 other acid toners from my recent beauty bay haul.

Caudalie Beauty Elixir
I have a love-hate relationship with this product.
I love the way it makes my skin feel and look but I hate the smell (many people love it)
I do not think I will repurchase because I have so many sprays and spritzes but I might need another bottle. I will try not to though, and continue my quest for something that is similar but does not smell like this.

The Body Shop Camomile Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover
I have almost the entire range of The Body Shop Camomile cleansers, including the cleansing butter and silky cleansing oil. I do not own the waterproof eye make up remover but I am not tempted to get it because of my experience with this.
This will not be repurchased ever again.
It works for many people but just stings my eyes so much, which is annoying since it is a Gentle eye make-up remover.
I do tend to use it on the rest of my face because it stings my eyes.

Institut Esthederm Cellular Water

I really enjoyed using this and it has a lovely packaging.
One thing different is certainly that it does not have the can shaking noise.
I am really sad to have finished this up but will not be repurchasing because I have other preferences!

The Body Shop Nutriganics Night Cream
I really like this night cream and will be repuchasing when I have finished my huge stash of creams. It feels really nourishing and sinks in easily enough.
This gets a double thumbs up from me.
In fact, I liked it so much I went to purchase the Day Cream, which unfortunately I do not enjoy using.

The Body Shop Nutriganics Day Cream
 Like I just said, I bought this because I loved the night cream, but I could not wait to finish it up.
I actually used it on my back and chest to help speed it up.
This is supposed to be lighter, but it does not massage into the skin.
It feels less nourishing than the night cream and does not sink in.
I do not like it and will not repurchase. No.

Colgate Max White One Optic
 I do prefer this to the Luminous one but am currently trying a different brand and if it makes a massive difference I will write a separate post on it.
I will repurchase this, especially if there is some sort of offer on it.


I am always excited when I have make up emtpies!
These seem the hardest to finish since I have such a big collection!

Benefit "that gal" brightening face primer

I have finished a bottle of this which you cannot tell from the package because it is opaque but I kept twisting and turning and trying so hard but no more product would give.. so I decided it was time for it to go.
I have since purchased another one and I tend to mix this with the Benefit Porefessional and smooth it on my cheek area and if I have extras to go on the rest of the face. Or just this on cheeks and porefessional everywhere else.
This definitely delivers its promises of a brightening finish. It is a little pricey for such a small amount though.

Benefit "hello flawless" powder foundation
 Okay I cheated a little with this, it is not completely finished, but I have hit pan and this is way way way too fair for me at the moment, which really is not a flattering look at all.
I also have quite a few powders so I thought I would let this go.

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