Friday, 27 June 2014


I think many of us struggle with our eyebrows,
mainly because they are sisters and not twins, just like our boobs.

However, unlike boobs where you can wear a bra to even it out and tuck it away under a proper shirt/top/dress, eyebrows serve to frame the face and are out there to deal with the world!
(Is it TMI to talk about boobs?)

I have a few things I like to use when it comes to eyebrows.
Please do not judge me!

First up is Benefit's Gimme Brow in dark
I really like this.
It comes in two shades, light and dark but since I have pretty much black eyebrows, I bought the dark one.
It works and it is my only non pencil.
I typically like to use this by itself on a day where I am going for a more subtle look.
I almost always use this even after I have used a pencil!

Anastasia Brow Whiz in Granite
 This is my latest addition to the brow game and I got it in my latest Sephora Haul.
Beauty Bay has also sent me one for free as an apology for messing up my order previously, which is ace since this might be my all time favourite pencil because it is so teeny tiny AND it is a great colour for me.
This costs £15.50

Clinique Superfine Liner for Brow in 03 Deep Brown
I have about 3 of these and it used to be my go-to for brows but I always had an issue that it was a little too reddy for me.
It is a true brown, which annoys me because my eyebrows have no brown, neither does my hair!
So my eyebrows looked more drawn in.
However, it is really fine, and it is readily available.
This was the shade recommended to me, so I think that Clinique does not do anything darker with less red undertones.
This costs £13

Christian Dior Eyebrow Pencil in 453 Sable/Sand
This eyebrow pencil is one of the most natural looking one because it it just a tad lighter than the Anastasia, but without any red undertones of the Clinique.
It came in a travelling palette which I bought, but I do not use it as much because I save it for short travels because it is such a tiny pencil and I don't take it for longer travels because I will have to pack a sharpener as well.

Last is my cheapest eyebrow pencil
No7 Beautiful Eyebrow Pencil in Brown
This brown is not as red as the Clinique but it is more brown than the grey of the Anastasia.
It performs wonderfully for a drugstore eyebrow pencil and I find no fault with it.
I personally prefer the fine nib which does not require sharperning of the Anastasia and Clinique but that is just a lazy thing from me.
I like that it comes with a little spooly brush thing, just like the Anastasia.

Here is a swatch of all of them in order, Benefit,  Anastasia, Clinique, Dior and No7

I do not have a favourite YET, but my unfavourite...... is my Clinique Superfine Liner for Brows.
It also so happens that I have 3 of these. Lucky me.

I also popped into Selfridges to try out the Suqqu eyebrow liquid pen in Moss Green which Lisa Eldridge has used in several of her videos and it really is beautiful.
I plan to purchase this when I am down to one or two eyebrow products.
At the moment, I really cannot justify another puirchase.

I also tried out at Hourglass brow pencil in Soft Brunette.
Soft Brunette is more grey and Dark Brunette is more brown, I have no brown in my hair at all, so soft brunette suits me better.
I really liked the finish of it but it is so expensive so I might stick to the Anastasia or maybe ONE DAY as a treat...

I also forgot to mention my Benefit Brow-Zing palette.
I had one in Medium and it was kind of orangey on me so I chucked it when I bought the dark one but I feel like it is way too pigmented and strong on my face so it sits in a corner of my make up box.
Does anyone want it?

What is your favourite eyebrow pencil that you can recommend to me?


  1. great post! these look like fab products, thanks for sharing!

    1. hey there, I hope you find it helpful in some ways! and welcome to my blog =) I love it when people comment xx