Saturday, 14 June 2014

So I have just won my first make up giveaway ever and it is truly exciting!

Amanda from Beautee Beauty hosted a giveaway because she had reached 170 GFC followers and 107 Bloglovin' followers, and it has happened! Congratulations Amanda, I think I have maybe 3 followers at the moment!

The giveaway included 3 make up items,
A lipstick, a sleek limited edition blusher and a lipstick!

There was a total of 690 entries, and I remember we had a few entries each, but I am still feeling incredibly grateful!

I have previously won a free subscription with Zinio magazine on Amanda's site.
I cannot wait to receive the items, and will obviously write up about them with pictures for all of you!

Have you ever worn a giveaway?

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