Friday, 13 June 2014

Airport Haul #4

So this haul is slightly different in that I have items later which I have bought for my friend Anna, which I have cheekily decided to include in the haul post!

But first, let's talk about the things I bought for myself =P

MAC 217 Brush

I simply had to pick this up because everyone swears by this and I need a blending brush for my eyeshadow. I will be doing a comparison with the Revlon brush I recently picked up which seems to have a similar shape and to verify if it may be a dupe!
This costs £ 15

Mac cremesheen lipstick in Shanghai spice
 This was the first lipstick on the stand to catch my eye. I was looking for a nude and actually grabbed both tubes of this shade so I wanted to try it out as I figured if it swatches nice I'm getting it.
This costs £12.50

Mac lustre lipstick in viva glam v
This was actually quite a scary looking colour in the tube but when swatched is gorgeous on my rather pigmented lips.
I'm so grateful the girl at the Mac counter recommended this for a nude lip, even though it meant I bought two lipsticks instead of just one!
This costs £12.75

Dior lip glow - Colour reviving balm

This was not a planned purchase but Anna picked it up the last time we were at the airport and I know many people love this. I actually asked the lady Epping me at Dior if she recommended the lip addict glosses or this lip glow and she seemed to be really keen on this so I thought yes why not? Obviously having a ton of lip products is not a counter factor!
This costs £19.15

Boots Haul

So at boots. I actually picked up 3 things, a bottle of water for £1 which I them filled up my bobble with so  that I was not carrying so many things. I recycled the bottle immediately.

I also picked up a box of boots own triple action panty liners for 79p because they did not have my usual bodyform ones.
These seem thicker but will be more than enough for my trip in Sweden.

Lastly I picked up a soap&glory the  righteous butter body lotion 500ml.
This stuff smells incredible and I am personally using the shower gel which has this original pink scent.
It costs £10, which is the same as  on the high street.
People tend to either love it or hate it. I love it but it can get overwhelming and sickening after a while, which I why I have so many shower gels and lotions, oils and butters!

The body shop

I also popped in to the body shop to pick up two body butters for Anna. We were initially going for raspberry and blueberry (excellent choices) but since the blueberry was on major discount we got two of that instead for £4.50 each!

I also picked up a muslin cloth for £2.08 and then had an extra 10% on top of everything so that was a bonus!

I love shopping at the airport because it is an instant discount rather than saving up points for a rebate.
Are you a duty free shopper?

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