Friday, 20 June 2014

Liberty Haul & Chanel Makeover

One of my favourite things to do is to look and play with make up.
I got to do just that when I went to Liberty with Bob recently.
(also slight heads up, Bob is probably going to feature A LOT on my blog because we play with make up and she's a total babe)

I ended up buying a Nars Velvet pencil in Damned which I have been wanting since watching Amelia's video.

I love a good dark lip and this colour was just beautiful.

I had a £5 voucher from the post and a £5 loyalty voucher so I only paid £8 for the lip pencil.
Erm, bargain! L'oreal lipsticks typically cost £7,99 just to put it into perspective!

We then walked over to House of Fraser and we stopped by Chanel so that I could show Bob my beautiful Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow - 232 Tisse Venitien eyeshadow palette and we got a free makeover using the Les Beiges range.

The tinted moisturiser was stunning and the powder seemed nice enough.
The lady helping me also topped up my lip colour (I was wearing Bourjois Velvet 04  swatched here) with Chanel 43 - La Favorite, which I conincidentally own and bought in an airport haul.

The finish was beautiful and we continued our way about the day.

Although I love the look of the tinted moisturiser, it did not last very long at all.
After about 4 hours, the make up was completely gone from my nose.
My forehead was alright, but the make up was looking patchy around my chin as well.

For a high end brand like Chanel, if I am shelling out, I expect more lasting power.

However, the finish is undeniably beautiful with no oxidisation.
It will probably work better for people with drier skin types.
I am curious about the Aqua foundation by Chanel.

Are you a Chanel face base fan?

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