Saturday, 21 June 2014

Clinique Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick

First of all, they mean business when they say long lasting finish.

Bob and I met up for a spot of shopping, and after browsing around Liberty (read it HERE), we headed for House of Fraser and had a spot of makeover at Chanel.

We then ventured over to Clinique because I had been dying to try the Soft Matte lipsticks.

These retail at £18 and I am in love!

A lady called Liz helped us out. This is the House of Fraser, Oxford Street, in case anyone was wondering.

I do not always have amazing customer service here, in fact, I do not have good customer service at most house of frasers, think Monument and Reading, as well as Oxford Street, but Liz, who works at Clinique, is an absolute babe.

Here are all of them swatched on my hand
Top Row : Matte Mandarin, Matte Magenta, Matte Crimson, Matte Plum
Bottom Row : Matte Beauty, Matte Suede, Matte Peony, Matte Petal

Liz tried the shade Matte Beauty on me and here is a picture of me looking extra retarded
 and recommended which ones would probably look nice on my skin and we just chatted about friendships and the love of make up.

All in all, she was wonderful and made us feel amazing.
Liz assured us that while she cannot vouch for every person working at House of Fraser, she loves it when people ask for help or even if anyone would just like to have a play with the make up (like I did).

More about the actual lip product, it does not feel drying on the lips, the colours are amazing and I definitely want to pick a few of them up!

It does not budge as well.
I tried to take it off with a tissue but nothing happened.
You will definitely need a proper make up remover to take this off.

I would recommend a lip balm beforehand because all matte lipsticks are more dying and do not offer moisture, but as a matte lipstick, it was not drying.

I really like this lipstick and am truly enjoying many brands bringing out the matte lip colours as they are my favourite formulation!

I probably will pick up Matte Beauty soon as it is on my list, and I also have my eye on Matte Mandarin, Matte Magenta (I have nothing like this) and possible Mate Peony.

I think Matte Suede would be terrible on me and I am not drawn to Matte Plum.

Are you a matte or glossy kind of girl?

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