Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Harriet Manson | UK Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

So I may have raved about meeting Caroline Hirons at the Caudalie beauty event, and had two separate blog posts for it because I am an excited little fan girl, but I recently read a cover on the story and it put mine to complete shame.

Part 1 - I have a massive fan girl moment

Part 2 - I discuss my shopping haul experience ;)

Not only are the pictures gorgeous (I tend to use my phone or small portable camera WHOOPS),

Harriet even mentions the Top 5 Caudalie products which Caroline recommends, which I obviously did not.

Check her post out HERE

I read it, saw a picture of myself looking WAY TOO excited but it was 1. with Caroline Hirons 2. with a super camera so all in all I am beyond flattered and just .....

Excitement levels are very high, can you sense it just from reading?

Oh, and Harriet did a link/mention thingy to my page, so definitely check out her post, even just for pretty pictures, which is what always draws me in.

The irony, when this post has 0 pictures.


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