Monday, 2 June 2014

Colour Run 2014

On the 1st of June I participated in the London Colour Run (spelt color but I really love the alphabet U, shoot me)

It was a very sunny Sunday and my friends and I wore the white shirt that came in the running kit and I decided to go all out and wear the headband and my super short running shorts.

Of course my trusty ankle guard was put on, and away we went!
 All sort of silly pictures were taken
and then we began the 5k run!

Here is us at the finish line!

We even made a few new friends and had extra paint thrown at us!

Here is the three of us again, Mun Wai definitely had the most colour on him =D

 Emulating another friend's classic pose was also part of our plan

 We actually went back to take a picture with the finish line but the girl helping did not get the whole word in, sadly..

Here is a random picture of me trying to look scary and failing.

The 5k was really the most fun run I have ever done, and I highly recommend joining it next year for anyone who has not tried it.
There is no time limit and you can walk the whole thing if you want to, we partly walked and jogged because of my dodgy ankle (thanks guys!) and came out looking like paint war survivors!

Don't worry, the paint did not hurt at any point and no choking or asthmatic attacks, just plenty of fun!
Don't forget to sign up next year!

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