Sunday, 1 June 2014

Toner/Water in a Can

What a lovely title, but I wanted to make sure we knew what we were discussing today!

Basically I have stopped using proper traditional toners which you pour out onto a cotton pad and swipe all over your face.

I spritz it directly on my face for a boost of moisture and go in with my serum.
Caroline Hirons, also known as the skincare guru, (I believe) has said you can just buy a spritz bottle and decant your favourite toner into it and spritz but I have a few which have come packaged in a spritz bottle which I love.

Now let's start with the most luxurious item I own, shall we?

Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

You can purchase this at the Liberty Beauty Hall or Omorovicza's actual site.
Space NK has now added it to its online store, it previously could only be bought as part of a set and since this is not a cheap brand, I simply could not afford it!
It retails at £46 for 100ml, I know it is eye-watering expensive.

I first got to try this as a giveaway sample thing and had no idea what it was except that it smells so good and feels really nice.
When I fell in love with the little 10-30ml bottle I was given, I proceeded to google and almost have a heart attack.
Fast forward 7 months later, I finally bought a full size bottle at a Liberty Haul. Read about it HERE

The only complaint I have of it is that the spritz nozzle could be better, considering the price, but the actual product is too lovely, the packaging beautiful and luxurious.

Next up is an item I am currently using and it is the
Eau Cellulaire basically Cellular Water Spray in French by Institut Esthederm
I bought mine from Space NK by recommendation of the man helping me.
I mention it in a haul and you can read it HERE

I like this as it mists out fine and does not smell of anything. Sometimes if a product smells too strongly it can put me off it (I will mention one later)
This is suppose to mimic the cellular water present in our skin cells.
I like it and may repurchase once I have finish it.
It retails at £16 for 100ml.

Next up is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir
You can buy this at Space NK, Caudalie's website or store in Covent Garden, London or Escentual.
The 30ml bottle retails at £11.50 and the 100ml at £32.
If you like this, definitely go for the bigger bottle as it works out cheaper.
The packaging is luxe as it is in a glass bottle like the Omorovicza one.
I love how it feels on the skin but I do not like the scent as much as I thought I would.
In fact, I initially bought a small 30ml one (read about i HERE), loved the way it felt and bought the full size one, only to realise I do not in fact, love the scent and returned it.
This is a beautiful product which works and if you like herbally smells, definitely check it out.
Try it out and you may fall in love with it like many people have.

My all time favourite has to go to the Caudalie Organic Grape Water
Again, you can purchase this as Space NK, Caudalie's store or website and Escentual.
I first discovered this at Escentual when I did a haul, you can read it HERE
I have finished a whole can and have another 2 going as I was using one but bought one when I was out on holiday because I missed it so much.
The 75ml bottle retails at £6 and the 200ml bottle retails at £10.
I only have the 75ml bottle but I will be purchasing the big one after this.
This is my all time favourite product, it is good for travelling as the can(yes tin can) is light and obviously the 75ml means I can take it even if I am flying.

I used to use the Avene Thermal Water Spray
This retails at £3.15 for 50ml, making it the cheapest to buy.
I had this for ages and never quite finished it because it had a slightly smell when it was sprayed out,
I do not know if this is the packaging or the actual water.
It felt nice enough but really just like splashing water on your face.
I do not like the nozzle which spritzes rather than mists your face.
Like the Omorovicza, the nozzle lets it down a little, but unlike the Omorovicza the actual product is not great enough for me to ignore that.
It is however, usually at 3 for 2 at Boots and the bigger sizes work out even cheaper so worthy of a consideration.

The blog post is arranged from most luxurious (*ahem* expensie) to the most affordable.
My all time favourite is the Caudalie Organic Grape Water
The most luxurious and beautiful is the Omorovicza
One I will repurchase is the Institut Esthederm Cellular Water

There are a few that I would like to try such as the one from Vichy and La Roche-Posay. which are £7 and £8 respectively for 150ml. 
I have picked up a big one of the 150 ml Vichy from Escentual Haul and a smaller one from La Roche-Posay.
I have only been testing it for a couple of weeks so far, and the mist is nice, they taste faintly different (yes I do like to taste my water) I do not really have one preference over the other but both over the Avene!

Do you prefer this type of toner which doubles up as a mid day refresher/make up setter? 


  1. I'm currently using the Jurlique Calming Mist as my after cleansing toner. I really do love that. Tones done redness after the acid toning. My favourite mid day refresher/make up setter currently is the L'occitane Shea butter Gentle Toner - also great as a make up remover!!

    1. I'll be checking both out, despite having a Vichy, a La-Roche Posay, 2 Caudalie, 1 Omorovicza and 1 insitut esthederm hanging around, I still want to try the both you have mentioned! Thanks for the recommendation x