Tuesday, 3 June 2014

All About Lips #3

So in the third instalment of this lips series, I thought I would do two glosses and how they look.
I have decided to do the All About Lips series once a week rather than monthly as I have so many lip products to go through with you!
This will always be on Tuesday because Lippy tuesday sounds rather cute to me.

First is the Sephora Volume Booster Gloss Serum in 03. I bought this at Portugal and it was discounted to 6.90 euros.

This is the packaging

I bought it at a haul in Portugal and you can read about it HERE
and here it is on my lips

I included pictures of up close because it is actually quite hard to catch the peachy colour but it is essentially a peachy lip gloss which looks very natural with just a hint of colour and plenty of shine

Like most glosses the lasting power is not great but it smells pleasant and has a faint sweetness to it!

Next is the Lancome Lip Lover in 333 - Rose Des Nymphes.
I mention it in the airport haul which you can read HERE

Here is a swatch of it on my lips.
It is a very beautiful pink and it is almost completely true to the colour in the tube, which is always a win!

I love both these glosses <3
Have you tried either of the formula? Let me know your thoughts on them!


  1. Ermagherd! I need to get that sephora boost serum lip whatchamacallits thing!!!

    1. Yes get it when you're next in Europe/anywhere with Sephora! I also highly recommend their matte lip creams. SUPERB.