Monday, 9 June 2014

Battle of the make up removers

Now I love a variety of Make up removers.
Ranging from cleansing balms to cleansing oils and Micellar Water, I love them all.
(yes, these are my entire collection, proper make up removal is essential!)

I tend to use my Emma Hardie as a second cleanse because of the high price point and I just feel like it is too precious to use as a make up remover,
but I only ever use The Body Shop Cleansing Butter (which really counts as a cleansing balm) as my first cleanse.

However, today, I would like to declare a change of heart.

I used to adore the Lancome Bi-Facil eye make up remover and I swore by it for the longest time.
Even when I used cleansing oils and stuff, sometimes I would still remove my eye make up separately with this Lancome one because I just preferred it.

Since I started using micellar waters I have hardly ever reached for the Lancome eye make up remover.
One time I used one on each side, and realised that the micellar water took eye make up off faster than the Lancome one, which really surprised me.
So there, a switch of heart. I highly recommend trying out micellar waters if you have not tried them.
They are easy to use and really effective at taking make up off.

I refer to them as a whole, Micellar water, instead of a specific brand, but I have a comparison which you can read HERE.
I have not tried any new ones, but I will say I now prefer Bioderma over Avene but Garnier is still really effective.

I do enjoy using cleansing oils as well and I currently only have The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil.
I do not take this travelling as it is messy but I sometimes reach for it over everything else.

Something which I do not recommend at all, but I do know many beauty bloggers who enjoy using it, is The Body Shop Camomile Eye make up remover
This stings my eyes and I do not think they are particularly sensitive or irritable but this just stings them so much.

What if your preferred method of make up remover?
Or are you like me, where you have everything and rotate according to your mood?

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