Sunday, 18 May 2014

Tiny Tea by Your Tea Review

So I previously mentioned buying tiny tea,(you can read about it HERE) which is very popular on instagram and I am rather sure across other platforms, and I promised to review it after a trial.

I did the cleanse for 10 days religiously and then went off on holiday, yes I missed the last 4 days, 
but looking at other people's reviews of results in 3-5 days, I must say I did not have anything that stunning.

This tea made me break out, which is mentioned on the website as a side effect to cleanse the system.
It was an initial reaction and my skin calmed down afterwards.

Every time I had it, I felt like I was having hot flashes, which I have never experienced before (hello menopause training) so I must say I will not be missing this side of it.

Did it make me less bloated?

Now this could be due to the fact that I was never bloated in the first place, but I was hoping it would make me slightly less bloated or have a smaller tummy but I have concluded that my tummy is simply a little chubby.

Overall, if you want to try it, there is no harm, but do not expect it to the moving mountains for you.

*I believe other people may have had amazing results because sometimes when people embark on a detox they change their lifestyles completely - cut out junk food. exericse, drink the tea etc. Since I had already been doing the rest, maybe that is why I did not see such a big difference to my body.

How did this tea fare for you?

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