Monday, 19 May 2014


I have tried a few sunscreens and there are a few which I have read so many great reviews that I would definitely like to try them out next.
I once never used sunscreen and this was when I lived in Malaysia,
until I got into skincare and realised I really needed something to protect my skin and that the tanning of my skin actually meant that it was already damaged and trying to repair itself.
Since the sun has been shining the past few days in London, I thought this was a good time to discuss sunscreen!

The ones I have tried for my face includes

Shiseido Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen EX SPF 50+ PA +++ *
ebay link

I bought this in Malaysia and cannot remember the price of it, but I used it everyday and it never broke me out.
It is 60ml.
It has a slight scent to it, is not offensive and in general is lightweight.
I do find it leaves a slight sheen as opposed to a complete matte finish but is not shiny or greasy.
My make up sits well on top of it so it is a general thumbs up from me.
you can also check out makeupalley for more reviews. I find it really helpful to read lots before I commit to an item.

Zelens Daily Defence SPF 30
This is only SPF 30 as compared to the previous SPF50 but this is my favourite sunscreen of all times.
It is a cream rather than a watery solution but sinks into the skin beautifully without any residue or oiliness.
The slight fragrance is very fresh and beautiful keeps popping into mind.
I really love this but it costs £55 for 50ml, which makes me want to cry whenever I use it.

Clarins UV Day High Screen Protection SPF40
This is usually £31 for 30ml, which is not the cheapest, but is more affordable than the Zelens.
I have tried it at the back of my hand and like the watery texture.
It did not leave my hand greasy and I will be trying to purchase this at the airport as I think it is good to travel with being of a smaller size.
I have read rave reviews for this so I am keen to try it out properly.

Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily Moisturiser SPF50
I have used 2 sachets of samples and a small 5ml sample of this and it is amazing.
It doubles as a sunscreen and moisturiser so you can skip one step of your skincare routine.
At £31 for 60ml it is cheaper than the other two I mentioned and I have not met anyone who does not like this sunscreen.
I will be purchasing this when I run low on my sunscreens because it really is just amazing and does exactly what it says it will.

* I left the amazon link as that is where I got the picture from but it is currently unavailable, hence the extra links below


  1. Im too lazy to use sunscreen

    1. it's really important to use sunscreen or get a foundation with spf in it so you are at least partially protected =)