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Let's talk Soap&Glory

Sometimes I have many items from a certain brand but it still does not occur to me to do a brand focus.
I have no clue.
The brain just does not work I guess.

Let's start with Skincare and then make up and then body care!


Soap&Glory Peaches and Clean face wash
This retails at £8 for 200ml
I do not like this at all.
It is one of the few items that my face really reacted to, it itched and burnt, and I tried it TWICE to make sure it really was happening.
After the second time, I sold it off on eBay because it works for some people but not me.

Soap&Glory For Daily Youth Moisturise Lotion
 This is £12 for 50ml and I had it when it was in the old packaging.
I liked this and I finished up the whole bottle.
It smells nice and is a nice consistency, I have since moved on but might go back to it when I finish up my day cream.

Soap&Glory A Great Kisser Juicy Peach & Chocolate Cherry Lip Balm
These are both £5 for 18g of product which comes in a little tin.
There are 2 other flavours, vanilla which is newer and coconut.
I am not a big fan of coconut so bought these two to try.
I really like both of them but I had some issues with the packaging of the Juicy Peach one.
I received a full refund and threw the item away because I would have to wrestle with it each time I wanted to open it and it really was not worth the ordeal when I had 50 other lip balms.
The Peach one gives a milky peach colour to the lips and smell amazing whereas the chocolate one just smells DIVINE and gives my lips a tint of reddish pink.
Overall LOVE but will not be repurchasing as I still have a crazy amount of product in the tin!


Soap&Glory Super-Colour Fabulipstick Satin Finish

I have the shade Perfect Day and this is £9 for 3.5g worth of product.
I do like this very much, it is a lovely colour which is almost nude but more put-together as it is slightly darker than my natural lip.
It also smells nice, almost like vanilla.

Soap&Glory One Heck of a Blot Powder

This retails at £12 for 9g of product and is something which I think deserves all the rave Estee gives it.
It is translucent, does not show up on skin because it is fine enough and has a mirror in the packaging- always a winner.
Even if you do not blot before reapplying this on top as a touch up (you should always blot excess oils off) it does not look cakey!


Soap&Glory Hand Food

The mini costs £2.50 for 50ml
I only ever had the mini and I had about 3 of these and I still have one lurking somewhere.
I do not use hand creams very much so they just lasts forever but this is handy in the bag and not greasy if you use a tiny bit and don't overdo it like me!

Soap&Glory Hand Food Hand Cream Pump + Soap&Glory Wash Your Hands of It Gel

I receive the duo as a gift for my birthday which is in December so it may have been a Christmas thing to have both in a set.
The series smells of the original pink, which I adore
I liked the hand gel more than the cream but that is only because I do not like to moisturise my hands.
The Cream is £7 for 250ml and the gel £5 for 250ml.

Soap&Glory The Righteous Body Butter

This is £10.50 for 300ml and the mini costs £2.50 for 50ml
Usually I am a body butter sort of girl but since the lotion is just as yummy smelling and moisturising, I acutally prefer that to this body butter, which I find slightly too heavy.
I am very heavy-handed when it comes to moisturisers though.

Soap&Glory The Righteous Butter Body Lotion
This is £10 for 500ml which is an extreme bargain and I loved it to bits.
My boyfriend then got it for me at Boots and everyday I would just smell of this as I was just slathering it on.
I love this and I will repurchase when I am done with my moisturisers.

Soap&Glory Girligo Body Moisturising Mist

This is £6.50 for 250ml but I am pretty sure I had the small travel size of it in a birthday box present.
My friends know I love Soap&Glory.
It is handy for those last minute spritz of moisture just before you dash out the door and I used it in the summer mainly.
I remember it smelled really nice but I will not be repurchasing because I like my moisturiser quite thick and heavy.

Soap&Glory The Scrub of Your Life

This costs £7 for 200ml and the mini costs £2.50 for 50ml
This is one of the first scrubs I tried from Soap&Glory and I was literally blown away,
I had a mini of this, went to get a full size and then had another mini and I am missing this whenever I do not have it.
I just love everything from the microbreads to the scent to the packaging.
Scrub of my life indeed (but sometimes I like to try others =P )

Soap&Glory Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub

I love this so much, words cannot express it.
Actually, my actions may be able to express my love.
I have not once, but twice, attempted to lick it because it just smells so amazing and like maple syrup.
There is a warning label not to eat it and from experience, it tastes horrible, just like soap.
Soap&Glory Pulp Friction

Soap&Glory Pulp Friction
 This costs £8 for 250ml but I love that it comes in a tube rather than a tub.
It is handy and you can cut off the top to scrap out the excess when you're at the end (waste not!)
I love the scent and the scrub is quite fine but not too fine that you don't get any work done.
I love most of the scrubs I have tried from Soap&Glory and this is no exception.

Soap&Glory Flake Away

This costs £7.50 for 300ml and the mini costs £2.50 for 50ml
I like this but just prefer the earlier mentioned Scrub of Your Life.
Since they smell the same, and this is nice but I prefer the packaging of that one, and this is more expensive... I probably will not be repurchasing again.

I think the only scrub I did not love was the
Soap&Glory Scrub Em Leave Em 

I had the mini and it was given by a friend but it retails for £2.50 for 50ml
I found it too gritty for my liking and I did not particularly love the scent either.
The salt bits were big and chunky and it was just a bit too much.
Obviously scent is a very personal thing.
I just preferred the other scrubs from Soap&Glory!

Soap&Glory Clean On Me shower gel

This costs £6 for 500ml (BARGAIN) and the mini costs £2.50 for 75ml
I love this and use it when I am too lazy to moisturise after.
I do usually moisturise after my showers but if I know I have no time or need to get dressed immediately, this will probably be my go to.
I love the original pink scent and this is just creamy loveliness.

Soap&Glory Orangeasm Shower Gel
This retails at £6.50 for 500ml which trust me, goes a LONG WAY.
It is one of the new releases and Soap&Glory have done it yet again!

Overall, I love Soap&Glory, very few items are a miss (just those two so far) and although some are alright, most of them are spectacular in my books because they smell amazing and do what they say they will.
*All images are taken from Soap&Glory's website

Are you a Soap&Glory fan?

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