Tuesday, 13 May 2014


Getting two products does not really seem like a haul,
but anything from Sephora deserves a post of its own!

I picked up two items at Sephora

The top item is a lip gloss and the bottom is a waterproof eye liner.

I love the colour of both, hence I bought them and all lip products were on discount so it really was a bargain!

Here is the Lip gloss in the shade 03
I quite like the applicator as it is easy to apply the product, however it can get a bit messy keeping it in the bag I think

This is how it wears
It looks very natural, which is what I am going for

This is the waterproof eye liner in chocolate brown.

Here is how it swatched on my hand

and I included a comparison to Maybelline 24hours colour tattoo On and On Bronze (swatched below)

Here is how it applies on the eyelid (first picture is without the liner)

As you can see from the final picture, it does not look very obvious but lends depth to my eyes without overwhelming it as black can.

Overall, loving these.
I always like to pick up Sephora's own products when I am at any branch!

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