Thursday, 15 May 2014

KIKO Experience / All About Lips #2

I have a bit of an obsession with lipsticks.
Since I did the lipstick tag, I have added at least another 5-10 lip products to my collection.

Today, let's do a KIKO LipGloss.

I basically popped back to KIKO after my first haul, you can read the post HERE
because they did not have a lip gloss which I wanted.
It looked so beautiful and I just wanted it.

When I popped back in, lo and behold there it was.

I bought two, one as a present and one for myself.

This is supposed to be a volumising and moisturising lip gloss.
Does it live up to its claims?

Here are some swatches of it on my hand
I love peachy pinks as they tend to flatter me best and I love the Elisabeth Arden one which I have, so I have good experiences with these shades.

and here is me with the lip gloss

You might be able to see, 
first of all, the colour has come off lighter/milkier on my lips than the swatch on my hand and the colour of the tube itself.
I do not really understand how this has happened.
Also if you look closely enough, the product does not sit very well on the lips, 
neither does it glide on easily.

Yes, it is volumising, even on my already large lips, they look larger.
However, it is also one of those products which are clearly SITTING on top of your lips.

It does smell nice, a light pleasant, slightly sweet like vanilla scent.

When this product wears off, it leaves tiny little silver shimmer all over your lips.
It is not exactly a look I favour, while inoffensive, it does not do much for my face.

Based on my experience with this lipgloss, I will probably not be repurchasing any lipglosses from KIKO.
I did enjoy the lipsticks I bought, which are talked through in the blogpost mentioned above 
but this lipgloss was really rather disappointing, especially when I went back just to get it,

I have some lipglosses which are so pretty in the tube but do not show up at all on my lips because I have quite pigmented lips, but this was not just a colour issue, the formula is not very nice and it just is not the most easy to work with.

Have you had better experiences with KIKO lipglosses?

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