Saturday, 3 May 2014

Liberty Haul

So I had a £20 off voucher if I spent £100 and since I had my eye on a few items, I thought, May has finally arrived and I can now buy these bad boys.

First off is the Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist.
 This is actually, the best mist ever invented.
The scent (Neroli & Rose) is just to die for.
It is also supposed to be hydrating and purifying.
I have used a small sample of this, and tend to spritz it post cleansing, to set my make up and just as a mid afternoon pick me up.
Since arriving home with it, I have been spritzing it to write this post to remind myself why I love it.
However, this is my priciest toner EVER, so I will be alternating this with others so that it hopefully goes a long long long way.

Next is the Shu Uemura Calligraphy Pen.
 I have been eyeing this for almost 2 months now and it was initially sold out in the entire UK!
The pen and cartridge comes separately and when it is finished you can purchase a new cartridge and it should work out more cost efficient over time.
There is no risk of drying out, which is the most prominent problem with all my eyeliner pens.
The pen is also a soft brush, not a felt tip.
The lowest line was actually 5 strokes of the pen, and it glided on without any pulling.
I rubbed my hand really hard but there was no smudging at all.

I also bought the Aveda Scalp remedy Dandruff Solution Spray.

Basically in my hunt for a cheaper but gentle shampoo for my hair (you can read the post HERE)
my hair decided that it has had enough and went bonkers.
So I now have to spend money to buy this to calm it down.
The irony of it all.
The lesson? Stick to something if it works for you.

Lastly, I bought the Dr Jackson's Coconut Melt.
 This was more to ensure I met the £100 so that I could use the £20 off voucher.
I also had a £10 rebate thankfully.
This is an organic coconut oil which is solid at room temperature.
It feels a little gritty but as soon as you rub it/dip your finger in, it melts on contact,
leaving a lovely oil which is suitable for lips, skin and nails (general all purpose balm)

I was also rather lucky!
When I asked the lady at the Hourglass counter if I could please have a sample of their mineral veil primer,
she gave it to me although it was usually reserved for after purchase sort of thing.
It almost looks like a slightly bigger eyelash glue bottle.
 This is the consistency when you first put it on
(I swatched this on my wrist)
 and when you blend it out, the skin feels really soft without being too slippery, and has absolutely no colour difference.
 The applicator itself looks like a slightly bigger eyelash glue adhesive wand as well!
Needless to say, I was delighted to receive this and I will be doing a proper review when I have finished using this up!

I also popped by Debenhams to have a look as I was heading home and managed to grab a sample of the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet

This is shade 30 and the lady said I was probably a 20 so I will be trying this out when I come back from my holiday, when I assume I will be catching some sun and hopefully a tan.

Have you bought anything this Bank Holiday weekend?


  1. Omg, I swear I'm not stalking but that aveda scalps spray! I've been looking for a review of this. Tell me if it's worth getting. My scalp has started itching and flaking. I was torn between this spray or one from Phyto.

    1. Stalk away seriously! It works, but I personally prefer the hair growth spray. It is a lot more expensive, but I will not be repurchasing this, will spend the extra and get the one I prefer. I have not tried Phyto so I can't comment on that