Friday, 2 May 2014

boots haul #2

I might have picked up a few items at boots again,
partly because... Fleur made me!

I actually popped in just to have a look around and to pick up a pair of small scissors, which I did,
but I also somehow managed to get 3 mascaras and 2 lip liners!

The mascaras, all 3 of them, are less than what I paid for 1 YSL babydoll.
At £19.50 (during the Debenhams sale), usually it is £24.50, it is really hard to top that?
The mascaras were 3 for 2 so I paid £10.99 x2 and got one for free.

Here they are!

So the first one is the MaxFactor Clump Defy which Amelia talks about all the time (I believe it is her favourite?)
The second one is the Loreal Volume Million Lashes. This is supposed to be really similar to the YSL babydoll one so I have high hopes for it.
The third is the cheapest one, at £7.99 this is the Maybelline The Falsies.

All 3 mascaras are not waterproof as I do not like waterproof formulas.

The two lip liners I picked up are from MaxFactor as well.
The red one was mentioned by Amelia and since then I've been wanting them but sort of forgot?
Here are the two shades : 02 Pink Petal ad 10 Red Rush

And here is a swatch of them on my lips

Here is a picture of my bare lips

and here are a few swatches of pink petal on my lips
 As you can probably see, it is a tad too light for me,
and it is lighter than the colour at the end of the pen, which was an EXACT match to my lips, so I am a little sad.
However, It will still work well to stop lipstick from bleeding.
I did put it all over to show you the colour properly.

Here are a few swatches of red rush on my lips

I tried to be cheeky here and added ruby woo to just two areas rather than my whole lips

and here are some pictures of the lipliner with ruby woo on top.

It definitely helped the lipstick stay even more "concrete", not that ruby woo really needs any help as it is so matte it does not really slide around.

Overall, I do like the lip liners and will be using them.
They are waxy and sticky which is good as lip liners.

I will probably be doing a Mascara 101 soon!

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