Friday, 23 May 2014

Eyeshadow Palettes

I think when people think of Eyeshadow Palettes, a few brands automatically jump out and these include Chanel and Urban Decay.
Perhaps this is a personal and very biased comment as I tend to favour these two brands when I buy make up, and Urban Decay especially for eyeshadows.
Who has not heard of their Naked Palettes?

I have a few palettes and I would like to take you through them.

Here are my palettes in their glory

So first let's start with the Lancome Hypnose Drama Eyes 5 Colour Palette Smoky eyes DR2 - Gris Fumé

I bought this at a discount but normally retails at £37
and as you can see from the picture, all 5 shades have been used.
The main problem with this palette is that the middle grey shade had so much glitter and it falls out and over to the matte black shade!
Apart from that, all the colours are very wearable

The most expensive palette I own is the Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in 232 Tissé Vénitien

At £40 for 4 shadows (I got it at 10% off) this is a mighty expensive palette
I have done a blogpost on this complete with me wearing it and you can read it HERE

I love these colours. They are just so beautiful and the shadows themselves are so soft and buttery.
The UD ones which I will talk about soon are buttery but nothing compared to the Chanel ones.
They feel soft to the touch and when applied are just gorgeous.
The pink is a little light for me but I love the two greens and that magnificent silvery-green is my favourite and most used colour!

How can anyone talk about eyeshadow palettes without mentioning the famous Urban Decay Naked Palettes?
I bought the Naked 2 and later caved and bought the 3 when it came out. I must admit what really made me buy the Naked 3 was the shade Blackheart (the last shade on the swatch)
It is just the most beautiful black with purple shimmer and pretty much love at first swatch!
I have my sights set on the Naked Basics Palette and will be trying to get it on RyanAir.
The last time I tried they had sold out!

Both palettes are gorgeous but I find the Naked 2 more wearable on my NC20 skin tone.

I particularly love the Naked 3 when I have the Naked 2 to complement it.

To use by itself is a little trickier as it is such a pink-based eyeshadow palette and I worry about looking too girly.

Here I have a comparison of the two palettes swatched on my arm.

As you can see the first shade of the Naked 2 palette - foxy, blends right into my skin.
It could be used as a powder concealer for me as it really is just my skin tone and will not work as a highlighter at all!

The quality of the shadows are super for the price.
The palettes are £37 each but for 12 shades which just go on forever, it is worth the investment.
£3 per shade is pretty much what drugstore eyeshadows cost!

I do want to try Too Faced eyeshadow palettes after all I have heard but I am waiting for a sort of discount.
and I have my eye on the Naked Basics Palette, but for now, these palettes are keeping me happy.

Which eyeshadow palette do you have?

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