Thursday, 22 May 2014

Meeting THE skincare guru

I was initially a bit nervous about the Caudalie event, because I was afraid I would be the only one who has turned up without a friend, but lo and behold, I made a few new friends actually!

More importantly, I finally got to meet THE Caroline Hirons.

Yes, it deserves the caps.

Most beauty blogger and avid beauty blog readers know about Miss Hirons (correction Mrs**).
If you do not, PLEASE check her site out (link HERE)

If you think she's funny on her blog/youtube, she's funny and amazing in real life.

I know I am fan-girling, but this pretty much is the first time I have made an effort to go and meet someone I admire and have had the opportunity of conversation and.........

a picture!

Thank you for an amazing night full of witty conversations and product introduction.
Can't be easy to be bombarded with questions all night but Caroline held up like the woman that she is.

As for me? I might have bought a couple of things and gotten quite a lot of samples.
So hang on, for a haul post!

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