Sunday, 6 April 2014


So this is a bit of a side note from my usual blogging, unless you count ramblings as part of it.

I had a hair cut at Vidal Sassoon Academy, Brook Street. While there was a mix up, (my name was not on the appointment list), I managed to get my hair cut for £5 because I am a student and it is usually £11, still a bargain!
The only thing is you must have the time to sit there and let the students learn.

So, this is my hair before the hair cut

and this is usually the length I have it, even back in Summer 2013, my hair was long

It is truly quite long, past my boobs when I have it in the front, and just needing a trim, but I thought I would also lose some length to have it look healthier and fuller.

So I must admit I have no idea what came over me. 
Maybe I thought I needed a change, or that I was cutting off emotional baggage.

So 2 and half hours later, I have had my hair washed and cut then blown dried and straightened to perfection.

And here is a snapchat of it

And here is where I decided the pictures were looking bad because I was not smiling at all

So tonight I tried to blow dry my hair and straighten it with a side parting but it really was not happening so I ended back with a middle parting.

Here I am wearing Lancome Rouge in Love 183N

And then I tried the look with the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm in Honey

but nothing worked so instead I called up my friend to cancel on our Clapham night out. (sorry Jocelyn!)

It is like having a fat day, except it is a bad hair day..... which will probably last at least a week.

Have you ever had a drastic haircut? How did you cope with it!

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