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Empties #1

Unlike a video,  a blog post about Empties can be written along the way.

This is my first empties post, and I hope it helps you as I review the products.

These items are mostly collected in the month of April, I started the collection on 1st April when I decided I wanted to do an empties post.


First thing to finish was the Sanctuary Sculpting Anti Cellulite Treatment

This costs £13.53 for 200ml and you are supposed to use daily and massage hard into problematic area (ie thighs and bum area)
You can buy this at Boots and Superdrug as well. Boots usually has a 3 for 2 on Sanctuary products.
I finished this up but really did not see any difference. 
Perhaps my cellulite is not in the worst of conditions or perhaps this was not the most effective.
Either way I will not be repurchasing. 
Go to the gym and do squats and lunges instead.

 I bought this from Boots when it was £1 off, it usually retails at £4.99 for 190ml but I got it for £3.99, wanting to try it out.
I love the scent of the original (oat) vaseline, and this dries really quick.
I prefer to spray a good amount in my hands and quickly rub into my skin rather than spraying on my body as it tends to go everywhere and make my bathroom small quite slippery.
Overall it was alright, I just wanted to try it out but it is expensive compared to the usual moisturiser that is also £4.99 but 400ml worth!

I bought this at Boots for 99p. It is usually £1.99 for 250ml but it will either be on £1 off or some sort of promotion. You can get this at superdrug as well.
I first bought this because my boyfriend then was staying over and all I had was TheBodyShop shower gels which all smelled super amazing but way too fruity and floral for a man. So I popped out and bought this because I've used this before and know it has a very neutral scent.
I really liked it and finished it up.
I have not repurchased this because I have quite a few shower gels to finish up at the moment.

I have also finally finished up the Rituals Honey Touch Body Butter which I describe more thoroughly in my blogpost on body butters. You can read it HERE.
 This was definitely a splurge as I can get The Body Shop body butters which cost less and are just as effective in keeping my skin supple and moisturise.
It is a lovely treat and I may repurchase if I am next at Stansted Airport, probably for next Autimn/Winter time, as I find it difficult to justify such an expensive treat for now.

I actually received this as a gift and really enjoyed using it before bed as the lavender smell is so calming.
I had it since Christmas and have just finished it up.
This is not a dry oil so it does sit on the skin.
I do not mind it, and when I wake up in the morning my skin is usually very soft and smooth.
I will not repurchase because I do not really know where to purchase this and I have a few more body oils to finish up.
I did really enjoy this so if you see it, maybe try it out.

Another Sanctuary product in this post is the Body Lotion
I talked about in a post focusing on Sanctuary as a brand and you can read it HERE

As you can see from the picture, it is not even empty.
I had a satisfying moment of chucking it into my bin after taking a picture of it.
As mentioned in the previous blog post, this does not "tingle" it induces a bad reaction which makes me feel like my whole body is on fire.
This is on a typically not sensitive skin so I do not recommend this to anyone at all.
Try the Body Souffle or Body Butter instead. Those are lovely.


Next up is the Caudalie Organic Grape Water
I have this and the Avene water but I personally prefer this.
This is £6 for 75ml and £10 for 200ml, so obviously it works out so much cheaper for the big bottle but I just love the small one.
I bought this at the newly opened store at Covent Garden but you can get this off Space NK or Escentual.
I have already repurchased this in the last Escentual Haul.

I have also finished a travel size bottle of this up.
I have not repurchased this as I have another small Caudalie Grape water and I also recently bought a Caudalie Beauty Elixir (the small one) to try out.
I also have my eyes set on the Omorizco Queen of Hungary Mist.
I received a small sample during a big shop with Liberty and have been loving it since. The only thing holding me back is that whooping price of £46 for 100ml. I feel like I cannot justify it at all.

Something else which I have finished up is the Loreal Micellar Water.
I did a post comparing all the Micellar cleansing solutions not too long ago and you can read it HERE
I will not be repurchasing this because I still have 3/4 of the Avene one, 2 bottles of Bioderma and a whole 400ml of the Garnier one. I am currently using the Bioderma as a treat.

Another thing which I finish up quite often and have just chucked another one out, is the Huggies Pure Baby Wipes.
 I love using these instead of cotton pad to wipe off my make up after I have used a cleansing balm such as The Body Shop one (another empty!)
I even pour Micellar Water on it to take make up off because it is so much bigger and I use less of these.
I have tried the other versions, shea butter and the one in green packaging, but I always come back to this one.
I have recently read that baby wipes is not that great for make up remover as it actually contains soap but so far I have no problems with it.

I actually bought this by mistake as I intended to buy the Colgate Max White One Optic, which has been highly recommended online, but since they both come in a red box with the wordings Colgate Max White One, it was typical of me to buy the wrong one. When I next saw the one I wanted, I realised the mistake and bought that too. I am now using the Optic one, and it appears to be more effective at whitening so I probably will not be repurchasing the Luminous one again.


I have also finished up a Yves Rocher Raspberry Vinegar Rinse.
This was really nice and I like the acidic yet fruity smell of it and I believe it did leave my hair softer by removing all the shampoo and conditioner build up in my hair. I will probably repurchas this when I go to Europe and have a luggage bag as opposed to just cabin bag. I did get this online previously but am not too inclined to make a big shop with Yves Rocher again quite yet because it takes such a long time to arrive!

This is technically a cheat product as I have not really finished it but I know I will not be using it so I am throwing it out.
I prefer the Dove Dry Shampoo (I love the scent but it may be a bit strong for some) or even the Toni & Guy Cleanse Range Dry Shampoo (smells really clean).
I hate the dark brown/grey this Batiste one leaves on my hair. I have jet black hair and it is just even more noticeable than ever.
The Dove one is a clear dry shampoo, so I like to spritz it on my actual hair rather than scalp as it is very sensitive (Read my post on shampoos which work for my hair HERE)

I have also finished up two conditioners.

I bought this in an Escentual Haul which you can read HERE where I complained that the conditioner was a smaller size than the shampoo. 
Lo and behold, I am about halfway through the shampoo and the conditioner is completely gone.
I have put water in it to try and get the last bits out. ALL GONE.

The other conditioner which I have now finished is the Charles Worthington Moisture Seal Conditioner.

I bought this at 3 for 2, meaning I have 3 of these, and I have finished 1 with another 1 finishing and a brand new one.
I have A LOT of conditioners and this I do not like.
I used to like the old range, which is why I did not even check before buying 3 of them at Boots and I pretty much hate it.
It does not help that there are silicones in this one so I am really careful about rinsing it off so thoroughly because I get bacne, but most of all it is the scent which I really do not care for.
I will not be repurchasing this, NO.
I am trying to figure out if I should use up the last one or what to do with it really.

I do not have any make up items which I have finished up unfortunately. Hopefully there will be some in the next empties post!

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