Sunday, 27 April 2014

Boots Haul

So I went to Bond Street to get a few bits and had a little shopping haul.
I will be doing a Space NK Haul blog post
but I wanted to show you what I bought from boots after weeks and weeks of not going into Boots properly.

Here is a sneak peak of the entire haul from Boots

First off,
I stopped by House of Fraser to pick up a plate as it was on half price and I had cracked my old dinner plate.
It's just the simple white plain plate, which was sold at £4 instead of the usual £8.

Then I went to Space NK.
Last stop, was Boots, and boy oh boy did I go a little mad.

I think I should try to split it up into sections.
Let's go with BODY CARE first.

Soap&Glory was 3 for 2 so I bought 3 items, as opposed to the 1 body scrub which I wanted.
I wanted to get the "scrub of your life"

but ended up with the similarly scented Clean on me Clarifying shower gel (on the left)
Orangeasm which is the newest addition I believe (centre)
Pulp-Friction Foamy Fruity Body Scrub (on the right)
I have only tried the clean on me, which is the original pink scent, and I am obsessed with it,
the other two are new but I was smelling EVERYTHING and those are the ones I picked.
I do have a love affair with Soap&Glory, who doesn't love a bit/a lot of Soap&Glory!

The other body product I love is the Imperial Leather Japanese Spa Shower Cream
This is really cheap, especially when Boots does the £1 off so you only pay 99p for 300ml and mine is running out and I do not want to be without this, EVER.

The last body care product is this Boots Botanics Bamboo Body Polisher
My last one is looking slightly mank, so I thought I would get this, especially because it feels SUPER soft and I am excited to try this out.
I will be reviewing the products

I guess I should put this under body care.
Bodyform So Slim Liners (left)
Bodyform String Liners (right)

I only ever ever buy these when they are on 2 for £2, which is pretty much all the time.
I personally prefer the green ones because they are individually packaged so I can shove them in some container and take them out, but the pink ones are handier for thong days.
Saying that, the green one is usually small enough to fit onto a thong but not if you are wearing a G-string.
Is that Too Much Information?

The next item might still come under the TMI category.

I could not find a link on the boots website, but I did pick this up at the Boots next to Bond Street station.
I have the Bionsen Deromoprotective Roll-On Deodorant and I do really like it.
Basically this brand is a deodorant brand but not an anti-perspirant, which is exactly what I am looking for.
It smells fresh and dries quickly enough.
I bought this to take travelling and I will be spritzing it to death so that it will be free of liquids before I have to fly back.
It is a little container with mineral rocks at the bottom and you can fill it up with water a total of 5 times to use it.
I will definitely be reviewing this.


The next item is the start of the skin care items.
This is the Botanics Bamboo Face Cloth
 I love how smooth and soft it feels once again, and so I bought this, partly because my Dermalogica flannel is starting to tear...

I picked up this mini travel size version of the Sanctuary Pore Refining Toner
This is good for travelling as it is only 30ml whereas the original is 150ml so you will not be able to have it in your carry-on bag.
It is more economical to get the big one though, but this is good to try it out.
I have been wanting to try it out properly since I did a blogpost about this (read it HERE) and my friend Anna has been recommending it to me. I have only ever spritz it on a little, but 30ml should be enough for a proper trial.


I tried to refrain but I failed, and going with the 3 for 2,
I am finally on the bandwagon of the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquers
Across the Universe (left) - a dark, slightly vampy red
Big Bang (centre) - a bright vibrant red
Apocaliptic (right) - a bright pink

I also picked up some Real Technique brushes as well as Soap&Glory one heck of a blot powder
Real Techniques Stippling Brush (left)
Real Techniques Shading Brush (right)
I have been wanting to try these items out for a while because so many bloggers talk about Real Technique brushes and even Wayne Goss (check him out on Youtube) praises them.
The main influence would be Estee though.
I have high hopes for all 3 products.

The last item is a HAIRCARE item.

 This is the small 15ml one and costs £12 whereas the big one is £30 for 45ml
so the original size would save you £6, but I got this small one to try out and the lady at the counter particularly recommended this one for my thick hair.
A little is supposed to go a long way and I have high hopes for this as well since it is very pricey and Ojon is a good brand.

So that is everything from my recent haul. I will not be revealing how much it broke my bank but most of the items were 3 for 2 and I used any discounts and vouchers/coupons I had.

Do you have any of these items and what do you think of them?

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