Friday, 4 April 2014

Body Oils

As promised, here is a post on Body oils

Let's start with the most expensive, which is also the smallest bottle.
The Clarins Body Treatment Oil - Contouring/Strengthening 100ml

I love this body oil. It smells very herbally but because it costs a bomb (it is 100ml and retails at £39), I tend to only use it on my stomach and lower body , that is legs, bum and tum. I also mix it into my body butters (read my post on body butters here) or with the body oil I am using for the night.
As recommended by the spa specialist at Debehams Oxford Street, I only use this at night and since I have gone back, the lady told me I have no visible water retention around my knees and thighs (reported last time by a different lady) so this must be working.
It also helps that I kill my leg days at the gym.
Overall, I do like this but probably will not repurchase because of the cost. It has lasted me a long time because of the way in which I am using it.

The next oil, is actually a dry oil which I received a sample of and decided to purchase a big whole bottle of

The CaudalĂ­e Divine Oil 
The 100ml bottle retails for £27 (but I managed to get mine off for £21.59 during their French Pharmacy sale). I blog about a haul I did and you can read it here.
This smells of chocolate to me, not in a sickly way like The Body Shop Chocomania range, but more of a subtle cocoa richness. 
I initially did not realise it was a dry oil, but it dries so nicely that I went on the actual website to have a quick read.
I particularly love that this can be used on the hair, face and body, which means I do not worry when I put this on my hair, about it clogging my poor back or potentially causing spots on my face.

This was part of a Christmas present by a really close friend who understands my insane love for all things beauty. She bought this lovely oil for me and it just smells heavenly. I use this rather generously at night and the lavender scent just calms me down.
According to the website it retails for $28 for 355ml, which is not too bad as you get a big bottle which goes on forever. However, this is the heaviest oil in my collection as it does leave you feeling greasy and takes a longer time to sink in. If you put it on at night before bed time, you will wake up feeling extra soft and super smooth skin.

Lastly, is a "drugstore" equivalent of body oil. This is by no means cheap in quality.
I bought this off the Holland & Barrett website (as linked above). The 200ml bottle will set you back £5.89 on a regular day, but I bought mine when it was on the "buy 1 and get second for 1 penny". They sometimes do "buy 1 and get second half price" and right now, Holland & Barrett is doing half price on this.
I love this because the scent is delicate and soft, meaning it does not overpower your perfume and you can wear anything else on top nicely. It dries quickly for a non-dry oil. A little goes a long way and I tend to use this in the day time when I feel like using an oil rather than a body butter or body lotion.

As you may be able to tell, I love moisturising my body. It has been years and years since I have had any dry patches or eczema on my skin. I think it is partly because I keep it so well moisturised all the time that it just has no chance of flaring up. When I go on holiday, I sometimes go a week or 2 without moisturising after showering, or just maybe once or twice during the whole trip. So far, that has not given me any problems as well, going to show that my skin has not gotten used to lotions and need them. They have just kept my skin in good condition.

I highly recommend using a cream or oil of sorts for your body. If you can cleanse and moisturise your face, you can take the 5 minutes to moisturise your body after a shower. It is highly therapeutic. What is your favourite form of moisturiser?

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