Thursday, 3 April 2014

Body Butters

I was initially going to do a blogpost about body creams, lotions, oils and butters and realise that this blogpost will be extremely overwhelming and I thought I would start with Body Butters.

It is the item that I am hoarding at the moment, and have the most amount.

Let's start with the ones I have just finished which is

The Body Shop Olive Body Butter (travel size)

I bought this as part of a TBS haul and I love the fresh scent. Unfortunately the matching shower gel and body scrub does not smell half as good.
TBS markets it towards normal to dry skin and says it has a subtle fruit scent. I personally find it more fresh and uplifting.
I love using this in the day time before I head out. It sinks in nicely and although marketed at dry skin, my skin (normal) is loving it, no greasy feeling.
In fact, I love it so much I bought a full sized product!

Next is The Body Shop Shea Butter Body Butter (travel size)
I bought this with the matching travel size scrub because it does not smell too strong and I like to have something "milder" in smell for when I want to wear my perfume but realise after using it several times that it does smell very strongly of butter and richness. I am on the fence about the fragrance, which is not fantastic because I do love many scents so I probably will not buy this again unless I have extremely dry skin. It is extra rich and I only use it at night for an extra boost of moisture and softness.
TBS markets is as great for very dry skin (I agree) and that it has a  delicious nutty scent (which I also agree). Of course, scent is a very personal thing so I do recommend going in store for a quick test of all the body butters to find your favourite, or like me, your favourites!

I also have The Body Shop Mango Body Butter as well the The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter (travel sizes)

which I am waiting for the warmer weather before I bust it out. I have used both previously and do love them but find the big tubs a bit much as I like to wear different scents and change things up. Both are "lighter" in that they absorb quickly into the skin and do not leave me feeling greasy.
TBS markets the mango one as great for very dry skin and has an exotic mango scent. I have normal skin and find this to be alright when I used it last summer but the scent of it is simply divine!
TBS markets the satsuma one for normal to dry skin and has a fresh satsuma scent. I agree that the scent is quite fresh and uplifting, like the Olive one above, and it is not greasy at all.

I also have The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter

of which I have the matching scrub (SO MUCH LOVE) and lip butter. I did a previous post on my haul of them.  This is a rather rich one which I save for the night time after a good scrub with the Gelee. It leaves me feeling soft but I can definitely feel it on my skin. It is marketed at all skin types but the tub itself says for dry skin!
TBS also describes the scent as an uplifting blueberry one but I disagree. I use this before bed as it is quite creamy and extremely strong fruity scent, uplifting is certainly not the word I would go for!

Next is The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter
The Vitamin E range is a bit of a funny one. Some items smell lovely and some do not. The body butter is one of the latter. It smells a little sour and off, and every one that I have tried have been like that (but I still picked it up). It is nice and soft, gentle on the skin. I liked it very much despite the scent because of the texture but since discovering the Aloe Vera one (next up!) I have not been using this one quite as much. It leaves a very slight greasy feeling compared to the Aloe Vera but is not as heavy as the Blueberry or Shea Butter.
TBS markets this towards all skin type and says it has a neutral scent. It is neutral compared to everything else in their selection!

Last of the range is The Body Shop Aloe Vera Body Butter

This might be my favourite of the lot because the scent is so soft it is virtually undetectable after you slather it on. It sinks right in, is not offensive and you can wear anything perfumed on top without it competing with the other smells. It is targeted at sensitive skin which is probably why it has no fragrance, colour or preservative to irritate skin. I love this and my only complain is that there is no matching shower gel or scrub! I do love having matching items.

I do have another two Body Butters from Rituals.

First up is the Rituals Honey Touch rich & nourishing body cream.

This smells divine, it really does. It has Indian Rose and Himalaya Honey!
I went through this so quickly I had to get The Body Shop ones to stop myself from buying more of this one! It retails at £17 and I bought mine at Debenhams. This is definitely more of a treat. It is soft in texture and feels a bit like whipped cream (but more substancial) and when you massage it into your skin, it smells amazing and after just a few minutes your skin feels soft and you will still be revelling in the amazing smell. It is not greasy at all and is rather lightweight.

Next is the Rituals Magic Touch Ultra Rich Whipped Body Cream

I expected this to be of a lighter consistency and for the Honey Touch one to be thicker but it was the other way around. It should have tipped me off, the words ultra rich, but I somehow thought that being a whipped consistency would make it lighter.
This smells really delicate, which I love, but is richer in consistency so I cannot decide to use it in the day or night. I have used it once or twice but am saving it for special occasions. I could not decide between the two when I was shopping, and now that I have used both, I still cannot decide. Texture wise I prefer the Honey Touch, because I have normal skin and body butters can be overwhelming (but I still slather it on like there is no tomorrow) but scent wise, I simply cannot choose!

Stansted airport has a Rituals shop so if you are travelling, be sure to check it out as you will be getting it at a cheaper price, if not Debenhams Oxford Street has a whole range of the products.

Pictures are taken from The Body Shop website the Debenhams website.
The Rituals body butter retails for £17 each while The Body Shop body butter retails for £13 each.
All body butters are 200ml. The travel sized ones are 50ml.
Ps. TBS is always having discounts and I tend to buy mine when I receive a 40% voucher.

So these are all the body butters I have going on in my life at the moment, all 9 of them. It is hard to say if I am more obsessed with make up, haircare, skincare or body care. Some people like to buy clothes, I do too, but I love beauty products way more. Next up will be a post on body oils!

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