Friday, 4 April 2014

Ballet updates

I thought I might do a little ballet update since I have been talking about beauty non-stop.

Here is one of my favourite picture of the lot

I am just pictured tying my ribbons up in this picture, but I especially like it because of the light from the background and how my hair has fallen.
Most of all, is that you can see my calf definition. 
I have a wee obsession with my legs.

The next 3 pictures are actually the same picture with different filters put on it.

 I do not really have a favourite, because I like the effect of all 3.
I am pretty sure my face is doing something funny, but I really like how long my legs look.
There are many things that I can take apart and point the flaws to you, but maybe if I do not mention them, you will not see them =P

Last picture is one I grabbed off snapchat!
I thought it would be a funny one to show you how I look like when I first wake up in the morning, and compare it to how I look after I have showered, brushed my hair, washed my face and put some lovely make up on my face.
Hopefully you look better in the morning than I do!
That face, I believe, would make babies cry.

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