Tuesday, 4 March 2014

A quick update

Went to get myself a brow wax today at Benefit, Debenhams Oxford Street. I love getting my brows done there because ...
1. I get to collect Debenhams Beauty Points
2. The girls are really nice
3. There is always some sort of sale, discount or freebies going on!

And right now, it is the famous (it is, right?) Brow Arch March, which basically is that every pair of eyebrows that Benefit "preens", all amounts paid goes to charity. Every penny. So I have booked myself in for the last day of March, just in time to do another wax, and to make sure it still goes to charity.
Right now, Debenhams is also doing a 10% off all beauty and fragrances, so it is really worth it. This includes all services at the Benefit Counter, but you can donate as much and as little (not too little!) for the brow waxes.

So as per usual, I was in and had my brows done, and today I checked out the new Gimme Brow!

I picked one up as I liked how it looked when it was put on me, fingers crossed that I can do it myself without looking crap!

I put my hand in reference to the box and for you to see the rough size of the brow wand and entire brow pen....? Is it a pen? Brow Tube maybe.

After that, I did pop over to Clinique, hoping to check out the Clinique Cheek Pops but I was told they will only be out by end of the month and if you click the link you will see that it is online exclusive *wails* and here I was hoping to check the colours out, namely ginger pop and peach pop because I only want to get one when I go to the airport (duty free shopping!!)

However, it was not meant to be.
Here is the shade of peach pop on the clinique official website.

If you pop the name into Google, you will see tons of swatches and reviews on them as our American counterpart are already using them left, right and centre (so unfair!) I cannot find any clear pictures on the official website and would rather not step on anyone's toes by stealing images, but here is a review from Jen that I found really helpful, apart from the fact that I wanted to see all 4 shades swatched on her skin!

I really do enjoy my time at Debenhams because the beauty floor is huge and almost everything is there. I am a sucker for loyalty points and must admit I have a House of Fraser card [hereinafter HoF], Libery Loyalty card, Harrods card and Debenhams Beauty Club Card.

Now, I can break this down for you all. I have a HoF card for when I buy things like plates, or bedding because as the name suggest, the Debenhams Beauty Club Card is only for beauty! My Harrods card I signed up when I bought myself a pair of Louboutins and it seemed a waste not to, but I hardly use it as it is further for me to get to Knightsbridge and let's be honest, who buys plates and beddings at Harrods?!

The best beauty loyalty card actually goes to the Liberty card! Now you can use it for beauty and non-beauty but I only buy beauty stuff from Liberty's as I am a poor student unable to afford their £150 gorgeous silk scarves!
It started with Aveda but now I am looking at REN skincare as well as Bobbi Brown make up, and Kiehl's.

With the Libery card, every £125 you spend, you get £5 rebate.
With the Debenhams Beauty Club Card, every pound you spend you earn 3 points, and when you hit 500, that is £5 for you!

Obviously these are in different calculating systems but basically with the Debenhams card, you spend £167 (rounded up) and you get £5. So the Liberty card wins!

However, Debenhams does do bonus points (which I love) double points and triple points sometimes and this makes it better for beauty.
My advice? Keep your eyes peeled especially if you can get the item from either stores because it takes a little to make it worth your while!

Like the other day, I bought an Essie Apricot Cuticle Oil from Liberty

and it cost me £11.50 whereas at Debenhams it is £8.95 before the current 10% discount! I was a little miffed but I did use my £5 voucher to set off the nail oil so I let it go.

Also, just to mention one of my favourite lip cream and favourite bright bold pink, it is the Sephora's own lip cream.

I remember there was a red and this pink shade and I picked this one up as I was in France and was already wearing a Lancome red lipstick.
I love the formula of this as it does not dry my lips out. When I first apply it is goes on smoothly like a satin feel and it then dries matte.

I've enclosed a picture of how it looks on me and since this picture is taken today, my eyebrows are also neat and with a coat of Gimme Brow!

All images are taken with my iPhone 5 apart from the Clinique cheek pop, which as mentioned was taken from the official Clinique website.

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