Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Ballet pointe shoes #5

So today was a bit of a shopping day for me.
First off I went to return some stuff to Boots which I changed my mind about getting and then went to The Body Shop [hereinafter TBS]* to get the much advertised Blueberry stuff!

So a bit about the Blueberry range, TBS likes to bring out Blueberry, Papaya and PassionFruit when they have sales on their shower gels and body butters. In a way, they are somewhat limited editions as they are not part of the permanent scents. So, it annoys me greatly that these are my 3 top favourite scents! The raspberry scent is also part of this sale edition.

However, TBS has decided to have a whole range of items for the Blueberry range and it is a Special Edition! I had a look online before going to the actual store and was intrigued with the Body Scrub.

Armed with a 40% code off if I bought 4 items or more (easy as I wanted a detangling comb and the retractable blush brush), I went in to the shop with high expectations.

The scent as usual did not disappoint and I came home with 3 items from the Blueberry Range. 

So first off, they all look the same but I bought the Body Scrub, the Body Butter and the Lip Butter!
I included a picture of the scrub but the lip butter and Body Butter basically looks like all the other butters, with quite a firm consistency.

I personally love the Blueberry scent. It is very sweet and I wanted to try the new scrub which looks a bit like a jelly consistency but is still very scrubby. The lip butter I have already opened and used and it is LUSH.
I will do a review when I have used the products properly but I love TBS products so I expect nothing but good things from these.

Another thing I spent most of my day "doing" is my pointe shoes!
My old pair have given way and they were hurting me so I went back to Freeds of London and tried some different models. I have been upgraded in length, which unfortunately means more moolah... and downsized by one X (X is for width and I was XXX and now XX) to come to a grand total of 6XX.
These are the Freeds Classic Pro H (HARD) and they cost me nearly a whole £50 but they are my new babies!

 I did run over to Bloch to get ribbons and elastics because Freeds do not sell the elastics, and I prefer the colour of the Bloch ribbons!

So after nearly.... 3 hours of sewing, I am taking a wild guess because I stopped to go to the gym and had dinner and shower and then continued sewing while checking facebook.... etc etc...

This is the finished look!

Obviously I quickly tried them on and took a few cheeky snaps with my iphone**
 I think it is quite clear that my left foot is not as arch-y or pointy as my right foot. Another clear point is that I really need to break them in as they are very hard and straight and not molded to my feet at the moment, which is crucial to beautiful ballet.
Ps. Please excuse the shiny legs in the pictures!

*hereinafter is used a lot in law essays and judgements and all sorts so please bear with this law student's quirks!

** Today's photos are all taken with my iPhone 5

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