Sunday, 2 March 2014

February favourites

Inspired by the many beauty bloggers which I follow either on their blogs (duh) or youtube, such as Fleur, Estee, Jen, Judy and Michelle, I have decided what better way to keep on top of things than to do a monthly favourites video (except it is a blog post)

First off, is the Dove hair products. I have never used Dove shampoo or conditioner, but on watching a few videos about Dove's dry shampoo, especially the dry shampoo video by Estee. She mentions that the Dove dry shampoo is her favourite and I was pretty much out the door to try it.

 I was using the Batiste Dark and Deep Brown Dry Shampoo and it was a no.
I have jet black hair so it made my hair look ashy and weird and I hated how after I massaged it in I have brownish black fingers. Actually if I even scratch my head at any point (subconsciously), I will end up with dirty looking fingers! Plus, I felt like it wasn't absorbing any oils at all.

I do quite like the Toni & Guy Cleanse Series Dry Shampoo.
It had a clean-ish smell and did the job fine. I bought a small travel sized one to try before discovering the Dove one. I will continue to buy the Toni & Guy one when it finishes because the smaller can is easier to tot to the gym but I LOVE the scent of the Dove one. It is quite intensely sweet, so not for everyone, but I love it.

Moving on to the other Dove hair product which I am in love with, it is the Dove Heat Protect Spray.
This smells exactly like the Dove Dry Shampoo and it is so sweet and lovely. The spray is quite even and not like a single straight line which I had from my Charles Worthington one. With heat protectants, it isn't obvious if the product is working, you sort of have to just use it and cross your fingers that the blow dry is less harmful.

Sticking to hair products, I love the Yves Rocher Hair Oil.
There is no Yves Rocher store in the UK, but you can order things from the online store and there is usually a discount or free gift and samples. This hair oil is not overpowering, compared to some of the ones I have tried and I like to oil my hair an hour before I wash it, massaging it into my roots as well before I do a good deep cleanse with my shampoo. I find that it is less stripping on my scalp and my hair is softer and shinier. The massage before shampoo has also helped reduce hair loss (I think)

Onwards to makeup finally!

I have decided to get a new pinkier blush and ended up buying Bobbi Brown's blush in Nectar.

A tiny sweep of this on my cheeks and I look like I have just been out in the cold with a nice flush. I generally prefer peach tones but this blush is beautiful.

My favourite face primer stays the same every month and it is the Benefit Porefessional.
It makes foundation easier to apply, and sometimes I wear it by itself or with Benefit's That Gal. It is just really nice and smooth.

Favourite eyeliner is Eyeko in Black.
I have been trying different drugstore versions such as Rimmel scandal eyes eyeliner in Black and Loreal superfine liner in Black,
but they are just not as pigmented and dark. However at a fraction (almost half of the price since Eyeko went up to £12!) I will be sticking with this for now.

I have also picked up some new eyeshadows. I am a little late for this one but my favourites this month is actually the Maybelline 24 hour Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze.

This one has been talked to death by many, including Estee, she mentions it in so many videos that I thought, right, it is time I tried this product and even though she is very fair and pink toned and I am essentially yellow, it works miracles, does not crease and is just beautiful. I have not tried the 24 hours test (who wears make up for that long?!) but it is easy to use and just a gorgeous colour.
In the US it is called Bad to the Bronze but I read online that it is the same product, just with different names. WHY MAYBELLINE WHY?

Last product is not even a beauty product, but has been an essential in my bag since I first discovered it early 2013.
It is the Bobble!
This bad boy filters water and I kid you not, it tastes amazing. I did not know tap water could taste so clear and it is actually hard to describe the taste because it just taste of nothing! If you live in the southern region of England, you will know that water is very hard, especially in London! This little colourful fun (I just changed from a Lavender/Lilac one to a Pink one) has saved my water drinking 

Finally, all images are taken online from the original product store or likewise.

What are your favourites for this month?

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