Friday, 14 March 2014

Airport haul

So, I recently flew to Dusseldorf from Gatwick airport and that can only mean one thing,

Duty free shopping

I did not go as crazy as I initially thought I would, but I did pick up things I had on my to-buy-list and a few extras.

So things on the list included Lancome's newest foundation.

I love this to death. As you can see on the box, I am using the shade 01.

Prior to this I have been using Mac's face and body foundation in NC20. So if you know these foundations, you know that they are lightweight and provide little coverage, just the way I like it.
The Mac foundation is watery and leaves a more luminous finish whereas the new Lancome one is slightly more matte. It is really lightweight and unlike the Mac, where you need to blend it in, this one just glides onto skin. They call it an airbrushed finish and there really is no other way to describe it.
I do set it with powder because I have a more normal-oily combination skin and foundation slides right off my nose after a few hours.
I haven't started using the foundation as I am still going through the samples and a little goes a long long way with foundation! Especially those of you who like little coverage like me.

I have been asked why I bother with foundation if I am not looking for coverage. The truth is I am not too sure? It makes blush look more prominent,and it does make skin look more even.

The next thing on the list was the Clinique Cheek Pop blush!
As you might have remember reading, I went to Debenhams and was told they did not have it yet but lo and behold! They had it at the airport and at £14 each! The lady recommended ginger pop but it was out of stock (BOO!) so I picked up peach pop instead.

 It is a lighter shade but shows up beautifully on my cheeks. I feel that I have the best of both worlds with the Bobbi Brown Nectar blush and this clinique peach pop.

I then went over to the Chanel counter and picked up a pressed powder I was meant to get on my last trip but was running late (almost missed my flight the last time). I have it in the shade 30 Naturel - Translucent 2  and it really is just a translucent powder with the tiniest of colours.

I am currently using the Clinique pressed powder  (03 Light, almost powder makeup) which I love, and I am just trying this one out to decide which I should stick with from now on.

I bought the Benefit loose powder as soon as it was launches as I love the Benefit Porefessional but was rather disappointed with the packaging and the little brush and all. I imagine it to be good for travelling but I personally am not sold on it.

I also picked up a lipstick while I was at the Chanel counter and while I was initially skeptical after the lady put it on me, I love it to death and have been using it almost daily. This is part of the spring edition and the lady was not sure if it was limited edition and I was in a bit of a rush, it's slightly fluorescent in a pinky coral tone. A little goes a long way as too thick a layer and you could end up looking a little crazy.

Back to the list, that was all the items I was supposed to buy, and I bought a YSL lipstick for a friend in the colour Pur Couture The Mats 204 Rouge Scandal. It is a beautiful matte red lipstick and I must say I was so tempted to buy one for myself! The packaging is amazing as well, the lipstick double up as a mirror *swoons*
I was checking out the YSL babydoll mascaras, which I am sure I am now allowed to call it my holy grail product!
It was £20.40 at the airport, which is cheaper than the highstreet price of £24.50, but I happened to know that Debenhams was doing £5 off luxury mascaras which meant it was £19.50. What was one to do but to buy it online? I am not paying 90p more if I know there is a cheaper alternative!

Anwyay, after that I went back to the Clinique counter and bought 2 chubby stick eyeshadows. I bought it in lilac and in coal.

I did like the moss colour but only wanted 2 to try out. I was wearing them daily at Dusseldorf despite packing my Maybelline 24 hour colour tattoo on and on bronze. I do still love that as well.

So that was it for make up and I popped over to Jo Malone to check out the new limited edition and I planned to buy a small one. I ended up with one of the limited edition, Wisteria and Violet

and since it only came in the 100ml full size, I really am glad I bought it at the airport since I only paid £65.60 rather than the high street price of £82. I did smell all of them but found White Jasmine and Mint a little too strong, Black cedarwood and Juniper was way too musky for my preference whereas Rain and Angelica was very different from the usual scents they offer.
I really love the bottle having a slight tint of colour.

I did also pick up Wild Bluebell in a small bottle to layer with my Peony and Suede Blush as well as English Freesia and Pear.

I love Duty Free shopping, what about you?

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