Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Concealer and Bronzer

What sort of beauty fanatic does not have a proper concealer or a proper bronzer?


However, I am planning to try the Nars Creamy concealer and see if this will forever change my perception on concealer and finally have me buying some to use.

I am also trying to use a face powder from Bourjois that is way too dark for my skin, as a bronzer.
I have this is shade 55 when I really should be a 52 according to various reviews and comparison I have read online.
 So far it is not going too badly, as I have learnt that, whenever in doubt, use a super light hand. I do plan to get a bronzer brush to help me achieve a more sculpted look and in all honesty, I have a rather big face so any sort of slimming or shadow work will help.

Do you have a favourite concealer?

What do you think about bronzing - yay or nay?

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